Monday, January 4, 2010

Funny Girl

Macy has been hilarious lately so I thought I should take five minutes to jot down some of her latest statements:

Macy listtening to her "ipod" (cheap MP3 player from Walgreens):  I like Cowboy Cassanova.  Carrie Underwear sings a silly song.

Yesterday at church Macy heard someone mention the Holy Ghost and said: "Holy Ghost? What's that?"
Me: The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God and that is how He talks-
Macy: Ooooo, Scary!

Later Macy was complaining that she missed Daddy and Alaska.  I told her we would go home to see them in 5 days.  In response she said, "How about in two minutes instead?"

According to Macy, Unicorns have "Corns" coming out of their heads.  Makes sense, right?

She was laying on the couch the other day cuddling with Harley, my sister's 4 pound Shitzu and she started telling me all about how when Harley gets bigger she is going to ride on her all over but now she is small so she will just cuddle with her.