Monday, October 25, 2010

Justin off to AMS (Officer Training)

 For 6 weeks Justin headed to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama to attend AMS or officer training. It was a long 6 weeks for both of us but luckily for me, my mom and sister Chelsea came up to visit for a week of it. Thanks to my wonderful friend Sassy I got to fly down to attend his graduation and I am so glad I went. His mom was there too and we got to stay at the on base hotel.  It was so nice to get to see where Justin had been the last 6 weeks and to see the funny habits he had picked up, everything from how he walked to calling everyone sir and ma'am and even leaving the toilet seat up because that is what they were told to do.  Thursday night they had the awards banquet which was a lot of fun. Justin was recognized as receiving an excellent score on his fitness test which was a 99.3. 

 Friday morning they first had their state oath ceremony.  With the Air National Guard they take both a State and Federal oath as they work under a dual mission to serve their country and their individual state.  The Commandant of AMS happened to be a Colonel from Alaska so he came by to administer Justin's oath which we thought was pretty cool. After that they had a Federal Oath and Graduation ceremony.  This pic didn't turn out so great so I am glad Brenda got some better ones.

 I am so proud of Justin for making it through this crazy training.  He worked really hard and everyone spoke very highly of him. He is now a Second Lieutenant and in a week he heads of to SERE training which is a survival school. In January he will leave for Initial Flight Screening for 2-5 weeks in Colorado and then we move to Del Rio Texas in February!  It has been a crazy few months and it will continue to be crazy until we make it to February and get to actually be together for more than 4 days at a time.   I am very proud of my husband and I am happy that I finally feel like we are officially "military" now!  Plus, he looks awesome in his uniforms ;)

Kylie turned 3!

Kylie had a birthday as well.  I can't believe how big my chicas are getting.

School and Dance and Swimming

This fall both girls are going to preschool on base three afternoons a week.  It is heavenly for sure and has allowed me to work out a lot which is really nice as I am able to do things now physically that I couldn't ever before.  Here are the cuties:

Summer Fun

This summer the girls got a new tricycle and trailer, their first taste of ice cream from the ice cream man and Justin finally got to go dip netting.  While I still don't like fish, I am proud of myself for learning how to cook halibut and salmon for the other three in my family.

Macy's Birthday

Yes, I know I am really really behind...  We celebrated Macy's birthday with a pool party!

Camping Pictures

Last May we went camping for the only time this summer.  I am really sad that this is the only time we went but it was a lot of fun!

Its been a while...

Ok, so I haven't posted for a long time for a lot of reasons (mostly excuses).  Mostly because I didn't want to have to write this post.  Well, here it is.  When I got back from Boise in June I went to the doctor. Between seeing my dad and making it home I had lost both babies.  I went in for the D and C the next day and then spent the next week or two recovering.  It was obviously  a terrible experience overall but I am over it and past it.  I had been putting this off just because I didn't want to have to think about it again especially since I have dealt with it as best I can and I have moved on.  A friend emailed me a few weeks ago asking about my pregnancy and I sheepishly realized that I needed to let you all know.    Anyway, thanks for being such great friends! 

P.S.- I am disabling comments on this post because it will honestly just make me have to go back to "that place" to read all of the condolences so I just don't want to have to hear them.  I hope that makes sense and doesn't come off rude.  I have moved on so there we go.