Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was having a bad day and this resulted in a lot of people worrying and wondering about me so I figured I ought to clarify things some.  I wouldn't typically go too much into all this but since I already announced the twin thing on the blog and Facebook world I figured I better follow up with the details.

Yesterday I went and saw my dad at his office to get an ultrasound of the babies and after a few minutes he told me that something was wrong with one of the babies.  It was smaller than the other one and the brain wasn't developing like it should.  Although it still has a heartbeat this one will likely stop developing soon and then just be absorbed.  I am sad that I won't be having twins now (he said there is a tiny chance it could correct itself some and then the child would be born with a severe birth defect but that is pretty rare and will most likely just be fatal before birth). 
The other baby looks to be healthy and strong so we are trying to be grateful for that but I am very disappointed and sad about my other baby.  Its especially hard since I am still carrying both of them so while I am still pregnant with live twins, I am only going to have one baby.  Anyway, I hadn't realize so many people would read so much into my little Facedbook post yesterday so I thought I better answer the questions...
Pray for my other baby to be alrgiht as I am very excited to be pregnant and I count this pregnancy to be a complete miracle.  I am very blessed and thank you guys for your support!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And that is that

Yes, can you believe it?  After my 5 month hiatus, a second post in two days.  This one is one you won't want to miss!  Justin and I had been planning on doing in vitro for kiddo number three when we got to Boise this June but the night before our phone consultation with the Dr. I took a pregnancy test on a whim- just to be sure I wasn't somehow preggers.  And guess what? I was.

To add to the excitement, when I went to the doctor 3 weeks later I was surprised to find out that not only was I not nearly as far along as I thought I was but that there are two little babies growing inside my belly.  Yuppers, identical twins for me, and all on our own too (I think Justin likes to credit his super sperm for this miraculous event).  I honestly don't know why we are so blessed, but I am grateful that we are!

So I am due December 28th and praying I don't get put on bed rest while Justin is off at officer school for 6 weeks in October. Wish me luck that all will go well and cross your fingers for Justin that he will get two boys instead of us getting two more girls (I'll take whatever as long as they are healthy but I know my husband would prefer not to be so outnumbered for the rest of his life!).  And it is great to not have to worry about the future decisions of whether we should have 3 kids or four.  Apparently Heavenly Father wanted to make his mind up for us (ie. Justin) and just give us the fourth at the same time.  I am 10 weeks and I already have a baby bump (I'm not just getting fat) and crazy sciatica.  But I am thrilled that both babies are doing so well and I can't wait to find out what we are having so I can start sewing!