Friday, March 27, 2009

We Scored!

Today we scored a little slide off of freecycle/ a family in our ward. I am sure Justin didn't intend on it being an indoor toy when I told him about it but the girls were so excited when we brought it home that I had to clean it off and let them play with it. It can go out back when all of the snow melts so until then we will jam it into our cramped home.

I know Macy is in her pajamas again but she insists on napping in them and I loaded up the girls in the car as soon as she woke up. What fun for them!
We also went to the museum this morning and, thanks to the volcano causing flight delays, Justin got to come with us. We ended up just playing in the kids room the entire time with some other families that we know and the girls had a great time.

I love How proud of her picture she is!

Justin ended up playing chess with another dad that had come along. I loved how hard he was concentrating and how happy Macy was to "help" him with his pieces.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I know these are the Favorite

Cute girls again, just chillin' this morning and reading books to each other. And yes, they are in their pajamas, again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Wednesday...

We have had a busy day at home! Fortunately, the kids have been good and cooperative with naps (bed time has been a nightmare with Macy the last few days). This morning Macy helped me make our weekly bread loaves...

And Kylie cuddled by my side and played dress up while I hurried to finish sewing the binding on this wall quilt.

This is the first wall hanging I have done. I liked how free it was because you just kind of start sewing scraps together. I have seen it on a few other blogs and started it Saturday afternoon, on a whim. I decided to make it girly for the Girls' sleeping room and Macy has eagerly anticipated getting to put it on her wall. She loves it, which is a nice plus, and thinks that it was hilarious that I hung my quilt on her wall. It ended up being about 36 x 30 inches and I didn't have what I needed to hang it well so it would lay nicely. It isn't quite as wonky as it appears in the pictures. I quilted it by sewing around the little squares and I love the effect this gives it. This was fun to do but turned into a headache when it came time to join all of the smaller pieces into one quilt. Next time I will definately be sure to square things off and press my seams better (I was really super lazy on this one).
A nice plus is that this quilt was almost free. I used some super cheap muslin I had on hand that I had gotten on sale and then scraps from other projects. Whoever can spot the most past projects wins :)
I may have to try something more sophisticated in the future but this was fun to play around with.

I guess I better name it. I am horrible at that, any clever suggestions?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Because They are so Cute

I know I am biased but I believe that my girls are completely adorable. Here are some pictures for you to oogle at. I love how pained Kylie looks in the one where they are hugging :) This is them before church today and I couldn't get over how precious they are!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The other skirt:

Macy was not in the mood to pose so here is the other skirt we made during her nap. I couldn't get Kylie to put the oven mit down but I think it adds a nice touch :). This one is longer with a narrower sash. I think it will fit Macy well, even though it is still cute on Kylie (even with her round little tummy). My next challenge will be to turn this into a dress. How fun!

Bubble Skirt

I have seen some cute bubble skirts floating around out their and since my girls love to wear skirts so much, I decided to make them some. This is my first attempt, I measured it to fit Macy but I think it ended up being a bit short so Kylie may be the sole owner of this one. I will have to make Macy one now too :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midwest Spring Quilt

Here, finally is quilt #3- My Midwest Spring Quilt. I used the Five and Dime pattern and a bunch of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Fabric. I wasn't too sure if I would like it when I started but I ended us LOVING it. It only took me a week to do everything (Cut, sew, baste, quilt and sew binding on) but then the hand sewing of the binding took a while, mostly because I didn't have a good thimble and I kept putting it off for other projects but yesterday I decided that I needed and wanted to finish it. What do you think? I know it is wild but I really like it and it will be great to bring spring in with!

I love how crinkly it turned after I washed and dried it. The first picture doesn't show it because it was taken last night, before I washed it. After shrinkage it measures about 56"x 78", I only lost about 2 inches each way in washing. It is big enough for a twin but will be a great throw blanket for the living room.

I was a little nervous to actually stipple a whole quilt since I have so little experience with it but I think it turned out fine. It was a good time to practice and I learned a lot (like I need to pin more next time. I also love how the stippling goes along with the crinklyness.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Broken Rules

Macy was naughty tonight at bedtime and intentionally woke up Kylie. As a result she had to sleep on the bed in the toy room until Kylie fell back asleep (she hates not getting to sleep in her own bed). At one point after she had gotten out of bed again she told me she wanted all of her stuffed animals so I explained to her that she broke the rules so she has to sleep in there and she can't have her animals.
After she protested and begged a couple of more times I reiterated that she had broken the rules. Through sobs she responded "Mommy, I want to fix the rules." I had to force myself not to laugh and then had to explain that she had to be a good girl to fix them. I love how literal two year olds are...

Moday 3-16 Highlite

Last night I went to get Kylie into bed and I discovered this:

Kylie got to stay up a little later than normal last night because I couldn't stand to interrupt.

P.S. Everyone out there should know that there is a killer 50% off sale at this place this week. I plan to get a few things and you all should too! Great deals and their shipping is really reasonable. Have as much fun as I will!

Spoiled gal

Not much has been going on with us lately. Justin has been working and also working with a friend of ours from church who is a mechanic and fixing some airplane seats (this is who I have been making the seat covers for). I have been working on seat covers and I spent a fair amount of time doing this yesterday until I got bored last night and decided that I wanted to do something fun. I know it is similar to the last dress but I wanted something easy. I need to iron it but I think it is somewhat cute.

I thought this picture was funny. Macy was telling me how much she missed Daddy (he left for work 2 hours ago and will be back in 3) and I thought her face was a bit funny.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Afternoon Project

A friend of mine is having a baby shower in a week so I decided to make her this cute little dress that I found a tutorial for online. It was quick, easy and it turned out really really cute. I wish there was a toddler version... oh well, I may have to figure it out on my own.

Morning Project

I have never really had many wash clothes that I like to use for the girls and I can't stand to pay the price that stores charge (Around 3.50 a piece!!!) and we have been going through paper towels in this house like crazy. I am not a big "Save the World and Environment" person but I don't like waste and I really don't like wasting money (when did paper towels start costing so much?!?) So this morning I whipped up 12 little wash clothes to use for the girls. I figure I can use each for one good cleanup and then just add it to the laundry that I will be doing anyway. I spent about 45 minutes and made 12 and spent about what a roll of good paper towels costs. Plus, how cute are these?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dress in a Day

I realized that Easter is rapidly approaching and that I better get on top of making Macy's Easter dress. The Christmas dresses ended up being a pain and too expensive so I was really going for something simple and fun this time. I will probably make her one or two more dresses of variations of this pattern. it was very fun and simple and I didn't even start it until noon today. I could easily have done this dress in 2 hours if I had been uninterrupted (not due to my abilities, just how easy this was).

This one isn't quite as cute of Macy but I love how it shows off the dress.

And I thought this picture was pretty adorable. The funniest part is when I told her I was going to take her picture she ran right over to the chair, put her hand on her hip and smiled. She is ready to go pro I think :)

P.S. There is a really good sale at Joann this week. I got this pattern and enough fabric and elastic to make two dresses for under $10 bucks. Pretty good deal, eh?

Monday, March 9, 2009

And another- but bigger!

So I came up with a pattern and this is what I got! I like it a lot although, in the picture the top looks really narrow. It really isn't that much but I will make it wider next time. Now I have a bag for all of my needs! Any one want one?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Betcha Can't Make Just One!

So I decided to mix this one up a little and feature some of my Amy Butler scraps. I lined this one with muslin (perfect for lining and way cheap). I may make 20... Actually, I really want a bigger one, maybe I will get brave and try to come up with a pattern!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Instant Gratification...

Justin got stranded today in Illiamna. Where is Illiamana? I have no clue but it is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. And he is stuck. Hopefully he will make it home tomorrow after they get a mechanic out there to fix the one engine that won't start. Yeah, gotta love antique airplanes...
It wouldn't have been so bad but we had been planning on him being home by one and then we were going to go out and do stuff. Since that didn't work out I needed to do something more satisfying than cleaning or chores and I wanted something that would make me happy fast. I am almost done with my Amy Butler Five and Dime quilt I started Monday and I only have the hand stitching on the binding left but I want to do a little project start to finish. Look what I found and made!

Isn't it cute? I found the pattern here and had to make one! it was fun and easy and I had everything I needed on hand. I used a fat quarter I got from a fun fat quarter swap I recently did. I loved it and thought it would be perfect. I may have to make more of these...

Also, our friends Ned and Rachael came over last night and they brought their cute little puppy, Tessa. The girls loved playing with her and here is a little peak at our night:

Congrats to My Pilot Man

So Justin got another upgrade at work so in addition to flying the C-46:

He will also be flying the Embraer aka the Brasilia.

Finally, a plane younger than our parents!

Unfortunately, the only change this really makes in our life is that he will probably work a little more and work more sporadic hours, but the time is more valuable and it will be great experience for him. Plus, I am a fan of him flying a plan that doesn't necessarily belong in a museum.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My beautiful little monsters have all this:

And This:

And This:

But they would rather play with this:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to Fairbanks,

Last Thursday we left on a whim to go spend the weekend in Fairbanks/ North Pole with Randy's family. We had a great time but my favorite part was that on the drive up (we didn't get in until after 2 a.m.) I finally got to see the Northern Lights- and not just she greeenish haze, I got to see ribbons with purple and red in it too, it was amazing. Sorry, no pictures of that but I have plenty more of out weekend. We went to the World Ice Sculptor Championships and checked out everything, including the kid's play land with slides and mazes, made completely out of ice.

And Kylie is ready to go snowboarding! Chuck, Randy's dad, was nice enough to watch the girls so Justin, randy, Debi and I could go skiing one day. It had been so long for me (pre Macy pregnancy) so I was very rusty but I got better as the day went on. We had a great time, minus Kylie vomiting most of the trip home.