Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Wednesday...

We have had a busy day at home! Fortunately, the kids have been good and cooperative with naps (bed time has been a nightmare with Macy the last few days). This morning Macy helped me make our weekly bread loaves...

And Kylie cuddled by my side and played dress up while I hurried to finish sewing the binding on this wall quilt.

This is the first wall hanging I have done. I liked how free it was because you just kind of start sewing scraps together. I have seen it on a few other blogs and started it Saturday afternoon, on a whim. I decided to make it girly for the Girls' sleeping room and Macy has eagerly anticipated getting to put it on her wall. She loves it, which is a nice plus, and thinks that it was hilarious that I hung my quilt on her wall. It ended up being about 36 x 30 inches and I didn't have what I needed to hang it well so it would lay nicely. It isn't quite as wonky as it appears in the pictures. I quilted it by sewing around the little squares and I love the effect this gives it. This was fun to do but turned into a headache when it came time to join all of the smaller pieces into one quilt. Next time I will definately be sure to square things off and press my seams better (I was really super lazy on this one).
A nice plus is that this quilt was almost free. I used some super cheap muslin I had on hand that I had gotten on sale and then scraps from other projects. Whoever can spot the most past projects wins :)
I may have to try something more sophisticated in the future but this was fun to play around with.

I guess I better name it. I am horrible at that, any clever suggestions?

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Ashley and Jeremy said...

do you really make loaves of bread every week? do you have a bread maker or just do it from scratch? i cant believe how domestic you've become i want your recipe!