Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dress in a Day

I realized that Easter is rapidly approaching and that I better get on top of making Macy's Easter dress. The Christmas dresses ended up being a pain and too expensive so I was really going for something simple and fun this time. I will probably make her one or two more dresses of variations of this pattern. it was very fun and simple and I didn't even start it until noon today. I could easily have done this dress in 2 hours if I had been uninterrupted (not due to my abilities, just how easy this was).

This one isn't quite as cute of Macy but I love how it shows off the dress.

And I thought this picture was pretty adorable. The funniest part is when I told her I was going to take her picture she ran right over to the chair, put her hand on her hip and smiled. She is ready to go pro I think :)

P.S. There is a really good sale at Joann this week. I got this pattern and enough fabric and elastic to make two dresses for under $10 bucks. Pretty good deal, eh?


Ashley and Jeremy said...

have you thought of putting her in one of those baby pageants?

Easter Dress Mom said...

The floral Easter dress is adorable. Well picked!

the mortensen's said...

So I was totally thinking that I sent you message but I didn't! LAME! I lOVE LOVE LOVE the apron. Wayne actually said it was cute;)
Your check is in the mail and I may want to you to make me more at a later date in time! YOUR'E AWESOME!!! THANKS!!!

Linley and Austin said...

If I could just have your sewing brain just for one day.... :) Seriously Nichole, you are awesome. Was that just a pattern you bought? I have thought about venturing into the art of clothes making. I'm finishing up a blanket right now that I decided to quilt with my machine. Yeah, I guess I should have used a walking foot because it looks rancid. Oh well. Wish you lived closer so you could teach me all your mad skills!