Friday, March 27, 2009

We Scored!

Today we scored a little slide off of freecycle/ a family in our ward. I am sure Justin didn't intend on it being an indoor toy when I told him about it but the girls were so excited when we brought it home that I had to clean it off and let them play with it. It can go out back when all of the snow melts so until then we will jam it into our cramped home.

I know Macy is in her pajamas again but she insists on napping in them and I loaded up the girls in the car as soon as she woke up. What fun for them!
We also went to the museum this morning and, thanks to the volcano causing flight delays, Justin got to come with us. We ended up just playing in the kids room the entire time with some other families that we know and the girls had a great time.

I love How proud of her picture she is!

Justin ended up playing chess with another dad that had come along. I loved how hard he was concentrating and how happy Macy was to "help" him with his pieces.


Lowders said...

Very fun. I love how Kylie looks so serious. Looks like you had a fun day!

Rebecca said...

Don't you love free fun stuff. That slide will make for some great entertainment. Justin looks very into his chess game. And your girls are of course as adoreable as ever.