Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to Fairbanks,

Last Thursday we left on a whim to go spend the weekend in Fairbanks/ North Pole with Randy's family. We had a great time but my favorite part was that on the drive up (we didn't get in until after 2 a.m.) I finally got to see the Northern Lights- and not just she greeenish haze, I got to see ribbons with purple and red in it too, it was amazing. Sorry, no pictures of that but I have plenty more of out weekend. We went to the World Ice Sculptor Championships and checked out everything, including the kid's play land with slides and mazes, made completely out of ice.

And Kylie is ready to go snowboarding! Chuck, Randy's dad, was nice enough to watch the girls so Justin, randy, Debi and I could go skiing one day. It had been so long for me (pre Macy pregnancy) so I was very rusty but I got better as the day went on. We had a great time, minus Kylie vomiting most of the trip home.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun. It also looks very cold! Miss you guys, Brenda

Lowders said...

I second Brenda's remark and add "burrrrrr". Glad you had fun and I miss you too.

Nancy said...

Wow great trip Nichole!! I wondered how you saw the Northern Lights and now it all makes sense! I love impromtu trips! Good for you and your family! Funzola!