Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Broken Rules

Macy was naughty tonight at bedtime and intentionally woke up Kylie. As a result she had to sleep on the bed in the toy room until Kylie fell back asleep (she hates not getting to sleep in her own bed). At one point after she had gotten out of bed again she told me she wanted all of her stuffed animals so I explained to her that she broke the rules so she has to sleep in there and she can't have her animals.
After she protested and begged a couple of more times I reiterated that she had broken the rules. Through sobs she responded "Mommy, I want to fix the rules." I had to force myself not to laugh and then had to explain that she had to be a good girl to fix them. I love how literal two year olds are...

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Ashley and Jeremy said...

haha that story just made my day.