Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spoiled gal

Not much has been going on with us lately. Justin has been working and also working with a friend of ours from church who is a mechanic and fixing some airplane seats (this is who I have been making the seat covers for). I have been working on seat covers and I spent a fair amount of time doing this yesterday until I got bored last night and decided that I wanted to do something fun. I know it is similar to the last dress but I wanted something easy. I need to iron it but I think it is somewhat cute.

I thought this picture was funny. Macy was telling me how much she missed Daddy (he left for work 2 hours ago and will be back in 3) and I thought her face was a bit funny.


Amanda said...

is that the time out chair behind Macy in the second picture?

Linley and Austin said...

Nichole where did you get the pattern for that cute dress?

Rachel said...

That is a cute dress!