Monday, December 3, 2007

Chillin' In Alaska

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start doing a blog so people can keep up with what we (ok, I know the kids are the ones everyone really cares about) are up to without me having to remember to email everyone. In September Justin started training with Evert's Air Cargo, A large Cargo company in Alaska. He is currently a Flight Engineer on a DC-6, which is a very large, very old plane. I think the ones they fly now were built in the 1950's and he always comments on how funny it is to fly planes that should be in museums. These planes have four large, greasy engines. Since Justin first told me he wanted to be a pilot I had visions of being married to this incredibly attractive man, walking around in a dashing pilot's uniform. Well, I still have the attractive husband but he wears carhart overalls and a heavy coat that is always covered in oil and grime. It's not glamorous but he gets to see all of Alaska in a way that few people ever do and I am jealous of the amazing views that he has told me about.
Macy is almost 18 months and I had no idea so much personality could fit inside of a 20 pound body. She knows around 50 signs and her newest and favorite is "See ya later!" She also loves her little sister and anytime Kylie makes a sound she exclaims "Uh-Oh!" and runs to shove the binki in Kylie's mouth. Macy is a good little mama and she often spends hours a day wrapping up her babies, pushing them around in her little stroller and "nursing" her dolls.
Kylie just turned 3 months and she is such a joy to have. The last couple of nights she has basically slept through the night which is such a nice change from Macy as an infant. She smiles more everday and often grins at Macy when she gives her kisses. Kylie is a little chunky rolly pollie with crazy fat rolls.
Life for me is pretty good. I am still adjusting to the craziness of having 2 babies at once but I am starting to get the hang of it. I have been asked dozens of times if we are frozen yet but it hasn't been too cold here. Mostly it is the darkness that I don't like. I think we are down to only about 6 hours of daylight a day now and it is crazy how fast it goes. We have no concept of time and I always feel like I should be cooking dinner at three in the afternoon. Today was our first really cold day when it got down to 5 degrees outside. I decided to stay in. :) Life is pretty good though. I will post pictures of the girls and Justin's plane soon.

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Brittany Iverson said...

Cute, cute, cute girls! We love you guys!