Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alive in Texas

I know it has been a while so if you are wondering, yes, we are alive.  Well, barely.  It has been over 100 degrees almost every day for the last 2 1/2 months and we are melting.  We loved the weather when we got here in February but now, not so much.

In February we traveled all of the way from Anchorage, Alaska to Del Rio, Texas.  Where is Del Rio, you ask?  Well, it is in the middle of no where on the Mexican border.  In fact, we are so close to the border that I occasionally get warnings on my phone that I will incur international roaming charges if I make any calls.  Yikes.

We moved down here so Justin could do his Air Force pilot training at Laughlin AFB.  Justin is doing well in training and we are glad that he doesn't have to stress about ranking high so he gets assigned his dream plane.  Since we are Guard, he started training knowing what he will fly in the end while most of the other students here are competing for their dream slot.

Justin and I took a ferry to Washington and then drove to Boise and then Utah to pick up the girls (they had flown down with Justin's mom the week before).  Along the way we picked up a Golden Doodle puppy and surprised the girls.  They instantly fell in love and although I have had to deal with figuring out how to deal with a puppy and her messes, I like her too.  Daisy is now 40 pounds and hardly looks like the tiny little thing we picked up six months ago.

Shortly after arriving we bought a boat and we spend most Saturdays on Lake Amistad swimming, playing and (now that I have learned how to pull Justin without killing him) water skiing.  It is nice to get away from town and the stress of pilot training on these days and it is great to see how daring and adventurous our little girls have become. They have also been taking swimming lessons and they can now both swim short distances on their own.  Kylie is an amazing treader and floater and Macy can swim further and do it quickly.

We live on base and love it here.  Although we have had to adjust to not having a garage, we love living in a nice, friendly and safe neighborhood where our kids can run back and forth to and from their friends' houses all day long.  We have a lot of great neighbors and have had a lot of fun here.

I will try to keep up on things a little better from here on out but I just wanted to drop in and say, "Hi!" :)


Christy said...

You bought a boat??? and a dog??? Oh man, Im not going to let my husband read this or he will quit believing my lies about NOBODY having either of those things while having young children!!! It defintely makes me want to come visit though!!! SO glad you are alive...even if you are melting :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your girls are so cute!!! i can't believe you bought a puppy!!! you are a GOOD mom!!!!
hopefully you can stay cool during August!!! :)