Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So today I saw my first bald eagle since I have been here but if I had been paying attention at all I am sure I would have seen one sooner. We saw it as we drove from the craft store to the bread store- that's right, it was just chillin' in the middle of town. Weird. Anyway, I guess they are everywhere here so I had better start paying attention and I will see them more. Usually I just see large ravens everywhere. Macy especially likes them., Whenever we go outside she signs "bird" constantly because they are everywhere.

Normally the parking lot outside of our apartment is icy or super snowy so we carry Macy to the car but today Justin shoveled a bunch and let her walk and she loved it. We ended up letting her play outside a bit because it was a toasty 25 degrees and thought she had died and gone to heaven. We also let her run around Costco a bit today to and I think the whole store could hear her giggling.

Well, not much else new. Kylie was cute and happy today- much better that yesterday's constant fussing. Justin is flying and will probably get home around 10:30 tonight. I just cleaned my house for the umpteenth time today and now Macy is crying because she doesn't want to go to bed. I just checked on her and she wanted to blow her nose but she insisted I use the blue bulb sucker thing that she learned about during her last cold. Anyway, finally she is calming down so I can relax until Kylie wakes up from her evening nap.

Oh, and this pic of Kylie is an example of how Macy likes to dress up her little sister!

I am sure all of that information was very exciting to all of you but that is the excitement of my life. :) Excruciatingly dull but I am counting down to our big trip!


brie said...

I don't think your updates are boring - I think they're fun! Since I'm a new mom I particularly enjoy hearing about what your kids are up to, since I go through the majority of the same stuff. So is your "big trip" back to UT?

Amanda said...

I love seeing pictures of your girls! Keep 'em comin!

alana said...

nichole, macy is getting so big!!! i'm glad she likes the snow! she's adorable! and props on letting her run around costco, its pretty much the best store EVER!!! haha i love it! and kylie looks like a rockstar in those sunglasses...starting her early huh?! :)

Kate said...

Oh I love your pics and blogs....especially the pic with one of your kids on your husbands butt (so cute...the kid).
I miss you!!