Sunday, January 27, 2008

Later that night

This is definitely my new addiction. I love seeing the people that find us through random other people's blogs. An old friend just found my on my sister's blog but I had no idea they knew each other. Weird.

So this kids were a little better tonight except for Kylie's 20 minute crying fit which abruptly ended when she passed gas and burped at the same time. It was kind of comical. Yesterday we went swimming are some friends pool in the hotel where they are currently living. Macy hadn't really ever swam in a big pool before and she loved it. I took Kylie in also and she was too cute in Macy's swim suit from our Hawaii trip last year. I thought she wouldn't like the water but she just cuddled up to me and eventually fell asleep. It was very precious. Justin threw Macy into the air many many times and she didn't want him to stop. it was fun until we had to leave and Macy threw a tantrum. Oh well, we take the peace when we can get it.
Here's some more pictures from our Seward trip. There is our family picture although Kylie is hidden, and some people jumping into the water. There are SCUBA divers in the water from the coast guard in case anyone gets into trouble. The pic with me and Kylie is kind of scary (of me- it was cold) but I wanted everyone to see how cozy and cute Kylie was. And the other one is Macy with my cousin Randy.


Whit said...

You guys are so freaking cute! I miss you so much :)

aLana said...

oh my heavens that looks freezing! i think anyone in or considering getting in that water is seriously crazy!!! ahhh!

Kyle said...

Hey guys I just found your blog through Amanda and Alex's which I found from Jarend and Jodies. Your little girl is so cute!