Saturday, February 2, 2008

26 and still kickin'

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. Each year it feels more and more weird because I never feel older. However, this year, I do. I was watching Macy run and dance around like crazy today while I felt too exhausted to move and realized something that people don't tell you about pregnancy. While they are inside of you, they take your energy, but you don't get it back once they are born. The kids keep it and remain spaz's for years to come while the moms feel more and more tired.

Anyway, the kids have been pretty cute lately although Kylie has decided not to sleep at night anymore. Hopefully that will change once her ear infection is gone. Justin's week of 4:00 a.m. flights (be at work by 2:30) is finally over so we are all cheering about that and hopefully we can split the kids between us some and both get some rest.

Macy has been learning new words faster than I can count. today at costco she signed and said "apple" at the same time. I am going to copy my friend Amanda's idea and write down all of the words that she knows right now so I at least have it somewhere: Hot Dog, elbow (a new one last night. I didn't even know she knew what that was), please, daddy, mommy, Kylie, grandma, dog, moose, more, i don't know, there it is, milk, eye, nose, apple, no, uh-oh, bath, hi, hello, bye bye, night-night, baby, doll, ew! Gross!, wow, owie, boat, cracker and many things she will copy but doesn't really say on her own. I think there may be more but I can't remember them now. She has also been trying to sing "row, row, row your boat" the last few days and I think that that is pretty cute.

Macy also loves to play with the blue nose sucker even though I try to keep it out of her reach because it's gross. Here she is sucking out Elmo and her baby's nose.

Well, Kylie just woke up so I had better go get her. More next time.


aLana said...

happy belated birthday! :)

Amanda said...

woo hoo the big 26! Happy (late) Birthday. I am glad you copied my idea, I love this blogging thing because it is like a picture journal.

Whit said...

Happy belated birthday!

The girls are so's so fun to see all the pics.

Love Always,


Whit said...

I want to add you to my blog but it's private...what is your email?

Linley and Austin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hey, I know what you mean about not feeling older once its your birthday, but somehow this year its different. I feel the same way. I turned 26 last month and this year I feel it :) Your girls are so cute and I must say, Macy has quite the vocabulary! Miss you tons.

Jayna & Family said...

Happy birthday! Just had to laugh about the suction bulb- Grace used to hold hers in her mouth like a pipe! This age is so funny.

Spencer Family said...

Happy Birthday! Besides just my energy--I think Jordan took some of my patience too! Brittany and I are in the same ward here in MN--small world!

The Chizel Family said...

I love you!!! I just read your therapy session blog. I feel the same way, only for some reason you can actually put it down in words. I just feel like a living ZOMBIE. I miss you guys tremdously!
love ya

The Chizel Family said...

Hey, so do you guys have someone to rent out your house? If not, how much are you looking to rent for, maybe I could look for you.