Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was one of those days where Macy and Kylie were driving me to the point of insanity. I can only handle so much wining and time sitting on the ground with Macy climbing all over me, especially when I am trying to get the house clean. When my wonderful husband came home from work I told him that Macy was his. He was very obedient and took care of her and kept her away from me as much as possible. He also took her with him to the store so I could get the house clean which was such a nice treat. I love Macy but some days I need to not be around her for a while.

Thinking I was sly and clever I had asked Justin several weeks ago what was a really good meal that he would like to have one day. He answered that pork chops in a good sauce would be nice. I had hoped to surprise him on Valentine's Day with that meal but he figured out my not so sneaky plan so we decided to invite some friends over to join us for dinner. Dinner was a hit and after we had finished Justin and I left the kids with Carmin and Sam (the friends) who he had previously arranged to have stay with the girls. The fact that he had prearranged babysitting so I could have time away from the children made me want to tackle him and kiss him. We then went ice skating at the Lagoon. which I initially wasn't too excited for because I have skated maybe 7 times in my life, the last time being over four years ago when we were dating and I am terrible at it. I felt ridiculous out there especially because Justin is such a good skater I felt like a moron clinging to him the entire time so I wouldn't eat it on the ice. He was a very good and patient teacher though so after just a little while I was able to skate around by myself and not look so out of place. Once our hands and ears had frozen through we went and decided to freeze our bodies from the insides out with Cold Stone. This guy knows the way to my heart. My Chocolate Devotion Creation was perfect and it had me giggling in a "this is so good it must be wrong" kind of way.
When we got home we were pleasantly surprised that both children were fast asleep. It was definitely a step up from last year's Valentines Day that I spent with my parents in Boise because I had gone up to get an ultra sound and make sure I was actually pregnant although the extreme nausea I was experiencing at the time should have been proof enough. My wonderful parents took Macy and I to this very nice and fancy restaurant where I got an amazing steak dinner. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love fancy restaurants with nice, over priced food because I just like to be pampered. This experience was actually somewhat miserable because besides the sickness that prevented me from enjoying my food to the fullest, I had to wrangle a wiggly and noisy 8 month old in an environment that didn't really welcome children. I think our waiter cringed when i asked if I could gets some crackers or bread for Macy. I was shocked that they even had a high chair in that place. I felt like I was getting death glares from all around us because my child was babbling or whining loudly and disrupting their romantic nausea free meals.
Anyway, I have a great husband who gave me a great Valentine's day complete with child free time. Here are some pics of the girls in cute pink Valentine's day clothes. Notice the extreme amounts of drool on kylie's shirt. She has been an out of control crazy drool monster lately.


Loni Kennington said...

Care Tech Nichole?! Brie tipped me off that you have joined the league of bloggers. So you are in Alaska with 2 beautiful daughters, that is so great! They really are gorgeous girls. I'm kickin' it in Las Vegas doing grad school in social work. I'm done in the spring. Life is pretty sweet. You can connect me through Alana's blog, I'm listed as Meke Aloha (there's an explanation). Stay warm!
-Loni, your fellow pent house care tech

brie said...

I'm glad your Vday ended great. :) Bran and I haven't had a decent holiday in the past two years, but this year was great! We actually made each other cards and tried to think about each other rather than the mini-man the entire day, as usual. :) I'm glad you got kid-free time, too, because that is so important and necessary!