Saturday, February 9, 2008

fat and happy

That is about the best way to describe our little Kylie. We went to the doctor yesterday and she weighs almost 17 pounds. She was sick last week and this week had a well check. In that time of not eating to now where she wants to eat 1-2 times a night she has gained almost a pounds. Little chunker. Anyway, We will be starting solids this week in an attempt to get her to sleep at night again.
Before church last week I got the idea that I should paint Macy's fingernails. Miraculously, she actually held still long enough for me to paint them and for them st somewhat dry. I'm trying to show off her nails in this picture but she wasn't really cooperating.

I also had to get a picture with Kylie because she has almost grown out of the cutest dress ever. Plus, I am rarely in photos with the girls because I am usually the one taking them, so here is beautiful Kylie.

And here is another one of Macy taking a bubble bath. Dad put a few too many bubbles in this time but Macy didn't mind one bit.
And here is one more. MAcy and Justin have been having way too much rowdy fun together this week and this is what happens when Justin gets Macy wound up while she is eating Yogurt.

There isn't much else that is new this week. Justin is flying right now and I really should be getting invitations ready for Ashley's bridal shower but I wanted to post something while the girls were sleeping. Last night Justin ad I went shopping for my birthday in an attempt to find a dress for Ashley's wedding. Randy and Debbie babysat last night (thanks again) and I was thrilled to discover that despite receiving immunizations earlier in the day, both girls had been extremely happy the whole time we were gone. What a treat for all of us.

One last thought. Justins should have taken the camera this week when he took Macy to the animal shelter to look at dogs and cats. Apparently she went ballistic with excitement when they pulled up and she could see a dog outside. Every morning since then Macy signs dog and cat and as soon as we get her out of bed and she runs to the door yelling "bye-bye!" because she wants to go back and see the animals. She is pretty dang cute.


Ashley and Jeremy said...

is ti bad that i want to get married faster just so i can see you and your cute kids! ok maybe thats not the only reason, but i definite plus. i'm so excited we all get tobe together all day friday it'll be a party! miss you guys!

brie said...

The CFC made me fat 'n happy, too! :) Your girls are adorable. I want one!