Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Give Away winner plus new Giveaway!

Thank you so much for the great response for my first giveaway! I apologize for not knowing how to post a picture of the "Random Integer Generator" so I guess you will have to take my word for it. The luck winner was number 13 who is Linley and she said:
"Hey! Cute aprons! Did you get the pattern from somewhere? Anyway, I love them!"
Linley, Send me an email with your address so I can send you your apron. Also let me know which one you want. If you want me to choose your fabric, just get it to me and I will make one pronto!!!

I also wanted to announce that I will be participating in another giveaway that will start and end on February 4th. Go here to learn more about it:

Thanks! And I will be doing updates on our super long trip as well as Justin and my vacation to Vegas very soon. And for those of you who asked, if you want to order an apron, they are $20 for a custom order or $15 for one of the ones listed on my last post.


Linley and Austin said...

Thanks Nichole for the apron, I absolutely love it! It was good to see you guys today. Glad to hear things are going well :) If you ever get a sec and can email me those measurements, that would be awesome. Thanks again for inspiring me to sew :) Hope you have a fun seeing your family!

The Beals said...

ok I want in your next giveaway! I went to imagingermonkey and looked around (CUTE!) but I wasnt sure if I entered through you, or her. And does that mean I have to do a giveaway on my blog too? Anyway, let me know...

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Hope it was fantastic!

"Stampgram" said...

Great blog! This is so fun...stash-busting, what a super concept. Count me in, and come by and join my giveaway.

Sonya said...

I guess it isn't 4th yet, but it is here in Australia, so I hope I'm not too early . Can I be early to comment for the swap-fest? Goodness, who would have thought giving fabric away could be so much fun! I'm doing it too, so do come visit. Can't wait to see if i win something - ooh, and great blog, by the way :o)