Sunday, January 11, 2009

HIlarious Little Ones

Last night at bed time-
Macy: I love you Mommy.  You are adorable.

Earlier in the week and for no apparent reason other than I wasn't turning her movie on fast enough-
Macy: Mommy, come here, right now! You being very naughty.
Mom: What did I do?
Macy: You be mean to Kylie.  You make her sad. (Kylie had been in bed for an hour)
Mom: Oh, I'm sorry.
Macy: You gonna get a spanking.  You have to be nice to Kylie.

And Macy to my mom the other day in the car-
Macy: Daddy my Father and he's Mommy's husband.

Kylie kept saying "Shhh!" to the babies at church today whenever they would cry or make noise during sacrament meeting.  She also kept yelling "More!" after the sacrament bread and water left.

I know there are more but my children are screaming in the background so I will try to get better about writing these down as soon as they happen!

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Ashley and Jeremy said...

hahahahahaha! i love them! i want to hear everytime they say something funny like that, keep it up!