Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kylie has been learning to talk more and more lately and her latest new phrase reminded me that I ought to be writing these down more so here are some of the cutest things that come out of her mouth:
- "I don't know!"
- "What Happened?"
- "I see you!"
- "Where are you?"
- "Why?"
- "Where Macy go?"
- "Want it" while shaking her head means "I don't want it"
- "Done!"
- "Lay Down!"
- "Hair" and "Bow" for when she wants me to put a bow in her hair to keep it out of her face.
I wish you could hear the cute sing-song way that she says all of these things. Maybe I will have to try to record them later.
Currently we are residing at my cousin's house in Eagle River (just outside of Anchorage) and really appreciating their generosity in letting us stay here. The girls have been loving the trampoline and I am learning how to take care girl of the girls without the help of PBS in the mornings (it is very useful for giving me and the girls time to wake up and allowing me the chance to shower) Justin has been back in the routine of working on the house, work and back to the house to work some more. I am glad he is working so hard but the girls and I definitely miss him. Hopefully the house will be suitable to live in this weekend.
Here's to a sunny 65 degree day!


Stephanie said...

I hope you guys are able to move in this weekend :) and you have PBS again soon!

Shawn and Lily said...

Sounds like a lot going on for you. Hope it goes well. Post pics of your home when it's done :)

~~heather said...

How fun! I wanna see photos of the house too when you can! :)