Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Girls Lately

Things you should know about my girls:

-If Kylie wakes up from a nap in a bad mood, she will want to be cuddled. Sometimes she will walk up to Macy and say "Hold Me!" If Macy is in a good mood she will happily comply.

-If Kylie wakes up happy, the first thing out of her mouth is "Sticker now!" as in "Put a sticker on my chart, I was a good girl at bed time."

-Macy rediscovered some Polly Pocket toy that we got in some sort of kid's meal at a fast food place. The girl looks like a call girl but Macy loves her and tonight she names her "Sweetie." Justin's response is, "Yes, she looks like a Sweetie."

-Tonight, Kylie was not going to bed well. She was at her door crying and yelling something I couldn't understand until I opened the door to hear her say "Pick Nose." And, yes, there was a surprise on her finger for me.

-When Kylie gets in trouble, all you have to do is give her a hug and kiss and then she will say "(I'm) Happy now!" and she will walk away happy.

- Macy was so excited when I told her that she was going to start a ballet class. She asked if I could get a leotard and be a ballerina with her. Sadly, that is a sight no one would want to see.

-Tonight I had a bried period of chaos where Kylie was trying to go Potty (she has yet to be successful), Macy was telling me she had to go too (a one bathroom house is not a wonderful thing) and I was on the phone with a telemarketer that I actually wanted to talk to. I quickly took Kylie off the potty to let Macy go. As I got Macy off Justin came into the house saying, "Lose something?" Apparently he had left the door leading to the garage open and the garage door open because he was taking out the trash. He found Kylie, buck naked, at the end of the driveway. Lovely.

-Kylie is greatly saddened by the fact that she can't eat the glow int he dark stars that are stuck to her ceiling (by previous owners). She laments this fact every night at bedtime.

- The girls are often excited for Daddy to get home so they can share his smoked salmon or Moose jerky sticks with him. Kylie has taken to asking for a "moose stick" every morning when she wakes up.

- Macy has discovered and loves Altoids. I know. She would eat 10 at a time if I let her.

-Macy was very concerned when I explained that there are kids out there who don't have any toys. When we were cleaning out her toys she was ready to give them almost all of her favorites because "they might be sad that they don't have any toys!"

-Macy loves being my coupon holder at the grocery store. She also loves pushing the cart and she insists that she can do it on her own. I don't agree so I pull the front while she pushes and tells me to let go. I pretend to for a second until she notices and then tells me again. It works for us.

-The girls love to go fishing. We have learned that it is best not to put a hook on Kylie's pole because she prefers just to swing it around like crazy. Yeah, we learned that one the hard way.

-Macy regularly insists that there is a baby in my tummy. When I tell her I am not ready for a baby she says "But I am ready!" She also thinks that she is fully qualified to change diapers because I taught her to put some sample newborn ones on her dolls. Yeah, I caught her trying to Change Kylie's stinky diaper one day. It wasn't good.

Any questions?


jayna said...

Very, very cute girls you've got!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

ok that was the best post ever. I literally think I was about to cry because a. they are so cute and b. i miss them so much! and c.... i secretly am dying to have my own.

1. how precious is that that macy will cuddle kylie, big sisters are the greatest :)

2. I'm so glad the sticker thing works for you, i tried it with the boys i nannied, and it was a complete failure. Plus I cant believe how OLD kylie is getting!

3. Is a call girl like a hooker? oh justin....


5. I wish a hug and a kiss would make all my problems go away

6. I would Pay for your ballet lessons if you wore a leotard and pink tights. did you show her the pictures of when you took dance lessons when you were that little? they are so cute.

7. priceless.

8. Why does she want to eat them? and I'm quite glad you made it clear they were there before you moved in :)

9. your children officially live in alaska

10. weird.

11. what a sweetheart, tell her i dont have any money

12. I love how little girls always want to be good helpers ( i distinctly remember dying to help mom at the grocery store when i was little)

13. ouch

14. I'm ready fro you to have a baby too if that means anything.

15. I love you and your whole stinkin cute family. thanks for making my day.