Friday, September 25, 2009

Macy and Kylie: "Dancing Queens"

Here are some pictures of Macy at her dance class. She loves it and gets so excited for it every week. Kylie is in a dance class/ preschool program at the place too and Macy gets to tag along to that one for free, which is nice. Kylie's requires parent participation which is why I have no pictures from that one... guess I will have to take some next Thursday.

Sorry about 1 picture being there twice and the random fair picture- I couldn't get them to delete. Enjoy the video of Kylie dancing!

And my coupons site was nominated for a little award, which is nice! I know we won't win but the exposure is nice so go here to vote if you want to take the second to do it!


Lowders said...

Too cute for Words!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

I LOVE the pic where kylie is sitting on macy's lap. adorable.