Saturday, May 19, 2012

Growing is Hard Work

Little Wyatt, who is normally so smiley and playful, has done nothing but sleep the last two days.  Growth spurt, perhaps?  He wakes up to eat, give a few smiles and then he is ready to pass out again.  But I am definitely not complaining.  This extra downtime has given me time to finally sew him a boyish blanket complete with Airplanes, make and devour a pan of peanut butter rice crispy treats, paint sun catchers with the girls, get caught up on laundry (until it starts all over again Monday) and even write a blog post.


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-b9 said...

DO NOT lettum be controlled by any other Being except the Trinity - you know this world's eeevil and they'll be hooked on the whorizontal before you even know it. And, yes, I'll pray for em 24/7. So should you. Cya soon Upstairs. Love you, dudes. Why not? Aren't we all a family of human beings trying for Home in a baseball game??? God bless you. Be strong, accelerate to the Maximum POW!er: Jesus, I trust in You!!!

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