Thursday, May 3, 2012

Live, from Oklahoma!

So here we are again, several months later.  I have come down with a cold with is just cruel and wrong for a mom with two babies and a bored 4 year old at home, so I have decided to sit and update the blog real quick.
Last month, Justin graduated from Air Force Pilot training and won the AETC Commanders training award as well as the distinguished graduate award which basically just solidifies what I already knew: Justin is pretty dang cool.  After graduation, we packed up a huge trailer and drove up to Altus Oklahoma where he is now doing his KC135 training.  The nice thing about this program is that, so far, it is pretty lax.  He works, at most, 6 hours/ day which is a huge change from the 12 he was pulling daily in UPT. We are also renting a house which is larger and nicer than anywhere else we have ever lived so we are thrilled about that and having space.  We have been pleasantly surprised with Altus and we like it here.  We have already gone shopping in Lawton which is just 45 min. away and gone to a Rattlesnake Derby in another town 20 minutes away.  This is a great change from Del Rio which was 2.5 hours from anything.
We also had our first tornado watch the other night, which was all sorts of excitement.
The kiddos are all doing well.  Macy is loving her new school and Kylie is enjoying staying home all day with me.
The picture above pretty much sums up life with the cute babies right now.
Alright, more updates later when I can clear some stuffiness out of my head.


Christy said...

Love those cute smiley babies!!! And im so glad you did not wake up in OZ the other night....kinda exciting, kinda terrifying!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your babies are so, SO cute! hope you start feeling better! mom's don't get sick days, so it's super unfair when we get sick, huh!? :)

The Perkinsons said...

so so cute! Thanks for the update. I have been waiting for one! ha ha. Glad to know your cute little family is doing so well. Congrats to justin!! so awesome!