Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miss Macy's Manners

Dad: *Big Burp*
Macy: What's Daddy say?
Dad: Excuse me.
Macy: Good Girl, Daddy.

And some of Macy's expressions from today:
"That smells so good!"
"I'm nice and warm!"
"Oh fudge!" (she dropped something)
"Oh cool!"
"Oh Gosh..."
"Hurry! I have to go potty!"
"I want more Hun!" (Speaking to me)
"Honey, I want more milk please." (speaking to me again)


Rebecca said...

I love these conversations! Macy cracks me up. You'll be so glad to have written them down I wish I would have thought of that. You guys have to come back to Utah soon. OK.

Linley and Austin said...

How cute! I agree with the first comment. You will be glad you have those funny conversations written down. Looks like you guys have all kinds of fun things to do in Alaska :) How's that beautiful mixer treatin ya? :)

Brittany Iverson said...

I love oh fudge. I can totally picture you saying it.