Thursday, May 14, 2009

I did it again...

Check out this great deal:

3 Kashi frozen pizzas
3 Kashi waffles
6 KAshi personal frozen meals (really good pesto or primavera)
2 bottles of BBQ sauce
total spent: 8.94

Not bed when considering it was 61.87 before sales or coupons... and the BBQ sauce ended up being free. I have several more of these coupon packs and cereal and BBQ sauce coupons that I plan to go and use tomorrow.

Not much else going on around here. I took Kylie to her third Dr. Appointment of the week and it turns out she has Pea and carrot allergies. Interesting. Unfortunately, that doesn't explain her diaper issues so now we get to go lactose free for two weeks to see if that makes a difference. Hopefully she can tolerate the soy milk I got her today!

And Justin is off bear hunting. He really wants to get a bear and make a rug out of it. At least that would save us from having to buy a rug for one of the bedrooms in our new house, right? And we should also be closing on our house by the end of next week, so wish us luck and hopefully Justin can refinish the hardwood floors without too much of a problem before we have to be out of this house. I am tired just thinking about it.


Linley and Austin said...

You guys are moving? Are you still going to be in the same town? That's awesome!

Auntie Nancy said...

Yikes! Didn't know that Kylie had diaper issues and allergies. Poor baby girl!! Love the money you are saving though and with that new bear rug who knows what else is in store for you! Go Justin grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sam and Carmin said...

WHAT!?! You got that kind of deal in THIS town? Please let me in on your secret. . .

We need to get together soon. So fun to always see what you're up to!