Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello Again...

Hi, its just me again and I don't have much interesting to say. Our family has been playing outside and enjoying the sun as much as possible this week so it has been difficult for me to finish up these last lingering projects but here are some more to check off of my list! These are all posted in my store now so if you know of anyone that would be interested, let them know!

I finally put the finishing touches on Macy's sleeping bag and I love how cute it turned out. In reality, she has been using it for months but it looks much better now that the binding is sewn on. This has been such a great thing to have for little trips and I hope we will get some use out of it while camping this summer!

And here are my girly stacks of wash cloths that have been staring at me for weeks, begging me to finish them so I finally decided to tackle these tonight. How cute are these, seriously???

Thanks for checking in again. I promise to post some cute pictures of my little gals here soon!

1 comment:

Beth said...

what a cute sleeping bag! I love the second washcloth fabric, but they are both so cute!