Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alaska's Getting to Me

Random thoughts you are dying to know:

Since moving here I have acquired hiking boots, Sorel snow boots and a bike. I want to shout and dance "Look at me! I am outdoorsy!" I promised Justin we could go on a mini backpacking/camping trip with the girls, once we get back from our trip, we shall see how that goes.

We will be in Utah this Sunday until Tuesday. Then Boise until the 20th and then Utah again until the 27th. I want to see my friends and family so clear the dates so you can devote them to me! :)

Kathy Reichs is a good author. Do you know the show Bones? Shes is the inspiration. If you need some good books, read hers. I love her already.

I truly and deeply love The Office. The other night I was reading an article about the season finale and I could not suppress my smiles and little chuckles. Justin thought I was weird for simply laughing at the memory of an episode.

Okay, that is all that is on my mind at the moment. Have a good day and watch the Stanley Cup finals today, it should be a good game.


johnandcourtney said...

Call me when you get here. We have to hang out. I love the office too. The finale was classic.

New Girl ( I Cant remember her name): "You drive your own car?"

Kevin: "Yup. DO you drive your own car too?"

New Girl: "Yup. I drive my own car too."

The whole part about Kevin still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Whit said...

I would love to see you while you are down here....As soon as school is over I am going to go get some of Kathy Reichs books to read. I absolutely LOVE the show bones!

Love Always,


b said...

I think if I were to buy heavy-duty boots of any sort I would hang my head in shame. :)

And I love the Office too! I was just online yesterday googling my favorite quotes. What a timeless show...

Amanda said...

Wow. Outdoorsy and a hockey fan. It looks like Justin has had an influenc on you.

Andy: Will you marry me?
Angela: Okay.
Andy: Realy?
Angela: I said okay!

I missed the final episode but thankfully Jacob and Joni tivoed it (is that a word)? I was so nervous and freaked out to see the final episode cliffhangers.