Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So apparently I can't get my pictures from my camera to my parents' Macs.  Some weird long technical incompatibility issues.  Anyway, the pictures from Utah and Macy's Utah birthday party will have to come later.

First, a little story about our weekend in McCall.  McCall is a wonderful place.  We love to go and be in the mountains on the lake and to enjoy the serenity.  However, this trip was not wonderful at all.  It was horrible.  It was horrifically terrible. "How could this heaven on Earth be terrible?" you may ask.  I will explain.

We should have known when Kylie vomited twice on the airplane ride from Utah to Boise on Wednesday night.  We also should have figured it out when she did it four more times plus had major diarrhea before the next morning when we were to begin our drive up. By Friday night Justin, myself and both kids had the same symptoms.  We then proceeded to have the worst night of my family's life as we took turns racing to the bathroom and then cleaning up after the children's messes.  Kylie refused to be put down or to let anyone but me hold her so that only complicated things by having a screaming 9 month old every time I had to drop her to make it to the bathroom on time.  Macy was also traumatized by seeing her parents throw-up repeatedly  in the toilet.  I will save you the rest of the icky details but my mom was a life saver.  She tried to care for the kids while Justin and I did our thing but ended up having a milder version of the illness by morning.  Poor Chelsea, who had held Kylie all Thursday morning for me as we prepared to drive to McCall, was sick alone in Boise because she was supposed to take the ACTs Saturday morning.  My dad was to later fly her up but neither her later appearance nor her test happened for her.

Fortunately, Justin water skied once before he got sick and we were all well enough Sunday morning to go for a little boat ride but most of the weekend we spent inside.  I felt very badly for Justin who had been looking forward to this McCall trip sine last summer.   I guess he will have to jump seat down for a weekend to go with my parents.  He had to go back home Sunday night for work and we miss him already.  

Better go get Kylie who is now awake and yelling for me.  More stories later :)


Ashley and Jeremy said...

uh, can i mention i woke up with a sore throat this morning, if i start throwing up tonight i have no choice but to blame it on you!

The Hemming Family said...

Nichole, that is so horrible! I am so so sorry, it is bad enough to have your whole family get sick, but to be sick while you are supposed to be having a fun vacation makes it 10 times worse! I am sorry, I hope you all get feeling better soon!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! I feel your pain. And now that I think about it I wonder if you got it from us. Ella had that the other day and so did Brad I can't remember if that was before or after you came over. Make sure you call me when you come back through.

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

sad...and disgusting! Nothing is worse than cleaning up someone elses vomit - while you are sick yourself!

its been fun to see you this week! Move back my friend!!!!