Monday, June 23, 2008

Macy's Birthday

So I still can't get pictures from my camera to the computer but here are a few my dad took at Macy's birthday party.  We had a party in Utah so her other grandparents and dad could be there and then this one on her actual birthday.  She was pretty happy that she got two party's just for her.  Kylie and my cousin's daughter Lucy, loved helping her open her presents.  The big winner of the night was a laptop that Christy and Gabe got her.  She loves that she can be like  Daddy, even if the games are a little beyond her.  She is also a huge cupcake fan (surprise) and had three that day.  One when we made them, one for her party and then grandpa had to sneak her one more before bed.  He is pretty bad about spoiling her and he literally gives her everything and anything she wants.  I guess I need to figure out how to get her to ask him for a new car :)

Our post illness week has been fun.  I have gotten to spend a little time with several friends and the girls love their grandparents and Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Travis.  Justin surprised us by coming back down for the weekend because he ended up with an unexpected few days off.  It was wonderful to get to spend the time with him and Macy loved swimming in the pool with Dad.  We head back to Utah tomorrow for an unknown amount of time.  We never really know when we will be able to catch a flight home so it could be as soon as June 30th or as late as July 5th.  We will keep you posted! More pictures will be coming once I can hook my camera up.


Brittany Iverson said...

Happy Birthday Macy! I can't believe you're two!

Rebecca said...

Oh Nichole Macy is soososo pretty. I need to see your girls in real life. YOu should come by my house or my moms and the kids can play. I will be gone weds and thurs. but that is it. You could come by any time. Ryan and Les will be at my moms on Sunday too if you want to see them. Also if for some reason you need a place to stay my house is always open.