Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I also am willing to do tutu's like the ones pictured below. Those will be $15 a piece as well and they would be easy to mail. I promise they will look better than my girls' ones because now I have had practice ;)
Anyway, just let me know if you are interested.
Thanks for all of the positive response so far! This will give me stuff to do this weekend while Justin leaves us to go to a BYU game!
thanks again!


Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Your girls are adorable!!!! I have been keeping up with Mia also so that's how I found you. My heart just breaks for them and I pray for them daily.

I would like to follow your blog if you don't mind.

You have a beautiful family! :)

Wade & Melis said...

Sorry, I let your husband have my BYU game ticket... Sounds like you don't want to let him go :)

Too bad we can't hang out while they are at the game!!