Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Justin Rocks My World...

1) Yesterday he brought me home a dozen roses for now reason at all. How nice is that? After he gave them to me we realized that our vase assortment had not made the cut to travel to Alaska with us so they had to be trimmed do
wn and put in a Nalgen bottle. I call it a bouquet with an Alaska flair.
2) Today he got his score on that big military test, you know the one that would determine our future? In the pilot section- the one that is obviously the most important to us- he scored a 98%. This is after he came home feeling like he didn't do as well as he could have. Yeah...I know, right? He's awesome. He did great on the other sections as well but we were extremely excited about that one. I know he will be embarrassed tha
t I posted that on here, so don't tell him I told you, OK?
3) He took Macy out to play in the snow today when I was far too cold and sleepy to do it my
self. He taught her to make snow angels, snowballs and a little snowman. She was thrilled to get to go out and play with him.


Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Congrats Justin!!!! Great job!

What beautiful flowers...doesn't matter what they're in as long as you still have them :)

Love the snow pics...i think those are the first ones I've seen this year so far!!! We don't get snow in SC :)

the mortensen's said...

what a fabulous hubby!
p.s. i like the layout;)