Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The last Month...

I have been horrible about posting since we went on our long trip. Transferring pictures and finding time to blog always seems too overwhelming with everything else going on, so my little blog has been neglected. So sorry.
And so here are some pictures form the last few weeks. For some reason it is not letting me put them where I want to so they are in no particular order, but her is a list of what has happened over the last month:
1. Kylie completely fell in love with her binki. I am not kidding. She would spot it from across this room and do this frantic/ happy giggle exclaiming "Binki! Binki!" One day, I just lost it. I realized that she loved that thing way too much and that it was only going to get worse. So I threw it in the trash compactor and that was that. The first night was a little rough and she struggled going to sleep the first nap or two but after that, she did great. I had been wanting to get rid of it since she was nine months so I am thrilled that I finally did it.
2. Macy completely regressed with potty training. It was horrible. Fortunately, Justin's mom reprogrammed her while we were in Vegas and she is doing much better now, although still not perfect.
3. Justin and I spent a week in Las Vegas with Wade and Melissa. We had a great time shopping, eating, relaxing, sleeping in and walking around. Justin's favorite parts of the trip included sitting out by the pool, soaking in the hot tub and seeing the Bellagio fountain. While I enjoyed those things I also loved sleeping through the night, eating a meal uninterrupted, taking naps (when do I ever do that?!?!) and shopping at the outlet mall and getting the guy at Banana Republic to give me an additional %20 off my entire purchase, just because I asked. Another highlight was getting 8 free cosmetic items through the class action settlement. I was fortunately in the best city in the world on the day of that giveaway. I was able to hit Nordstrom's, Macy's, Dillards, Neiman Marcus and Sak's 5th Avenue in one Mall. I hit the jackpot in Vegas baby!
4. Kylie went from answering questions by shaking and nodding her head in a completely adorable way to yelling "No!" and today she started answering with "Yeah!" Its not quite as cute.
5. Macy went on her first small airplane ride. Justin, my dad and I went up Saturday morning and had a lot of fun. Macy kept talking about how she got to drive the plane and push the red button.
6. I sewed 2 quilts, 5 aprons (I have orders to make a few more), a diaper and wipe holder, and I bought a lot of wonderful fabric, all at really good deals. I think I am cut off from buying fabric for a while.
7. I had a birthday and turned old. :) I received a great little camera that I love from Justin's family as well as other nice gifts. The best part was probably the cheesecake my mom made for us. It was great. Heaven. Fortunately she made 2 because in two days, I ate four peaces.
8. We made it home late last night after missing our first flight because I can't tell time. Justin probably wouldn't have made it on that flight with us anyway so we were able to reschedule to a later one and he got to sit right next to us, so it worked out in the end. The girls even slept for about 2 hours on the last leg.
9. We got to meet up with lots of friends and family that we hadn't seen in a while although we still didn't get to see everyone that we had wanted to. We loved getting to spend that time with everyone.

Thanks to everyone for letting us stay with or visit you while we were down. We had a great time!


johnandcourtney said...

I LOVE the picture of Bella and Macy! So cute! It was great to see you. John said, "I like hanging out with Justin and Nichole." That is super high praise...trust me.

Stephanie said...

Maybe kylie can talk Allie into the paci!! I'm trying to get her to latch onto it now..I really never thought I'd try to get a baby to take one :)

I love the picture of Kylie in the shopping cart...toooo cute!

Rebecca said...

Well I just feel special having my kitchen on your blog. Thanks for finding time to come and see us. It was fun. And I am glad you brought Macy and Kylie. They are adorable.