Saturday, February 14, 2009

A little about Kylie...

So Kylie has become quite the clown lately. She is incredibly entertaining/ frustrating/ hilarious all at once. She suddenly developed this sassy attitude that I can only attribute to her nearly 18 months around her sister. Here is a little about her:
1. She loves to gag herself. I know, she is odd. I regularly catch her shoving her hands down her throat and making herself nearly gag. Why does she do this? I haven't a clue. I could make a bunch of inappropriate Eating Disorder comments here (everyone else has when they hear about this) but I will spare you.
2. She talks now...a lot. Some of her words are: Daddy, Mom, Macy, Grandma, Grandpa, Dog, Kitty, More, Treat, Water, Milk, Mine (of course), Elmo, Nemo, thank you, excuse you (kind of and usually when someone burps), she used to say binki, thank heavens that's gone, eat, all done, up, down, teeth (as in brush teeth), diaper and she will copy about anything else we say. Lately, when I ask her a question she answers "yeah" or "no" in a whisper, like we are in on some secret together.
3. She sleeps all night, her sister doesn't. However, if she wakes up when we are putting Macy to bed, then she thinks it is play time and we then begin a 2 hour battle to get them to sleep.
4. She eats... All day long.
5. She loves to lay down on the couch, pull the quilt that hangs on back on top of her and announce "Night Night." She will also do this in Macy's bed but Macy is not a fan of sharing her little bed with her sister. Maybe another toddler bed is in the near future...
6. She loves to dance. She also loves to do anything Macy is doing. We entertained our selves for a wile yesterday as I played "Simon Says" with Macy and Kylie copied everything that Macy did.
7. She has a horrible habit of climbing up on to the table. It makes me crazy. I am trying to break her of it.
8. She starts nursery in 2 weeks. I can't wait, it has been over 2 1/2 years since I have been able to go to church childless. Hooray.
9. Lately, Kylie has taken up singing. Nothing makes sense but she has been working pretty hard on her alphabet.
10. Her grin and silly little laugh are too cute to try to describe. She regularly has Justin and I cracking up at dinner and then she knows she is being funny and gets a "I'm so proud of myself" grin on her face.

I love little Kylie Bug. Happy Valentine's Day.

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Cameron/Melissa said...

So just a thought but if Kylie wakes up when her sister is going to bed put them both to bed together. They are probably getting old enough to do that. I put my girls to bed together most of the time and sometimes they play but most of the time it is okay.

Cute valentines notes.