Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Macy Jo

And here is a little about Macy:
1. Yesterday at the fabric store, a lady asked her what her name was and she proudly replied "I'm Macy Jo Smith! and that's Mommy Nichole Smith!"
2. Speaking of fabric, she can't say the word too well and it usually come out sounding like an inappropriate word that starts with and F and ends with a T. We are working on that...
3. She loves to lead Kylie around the house by the hand and take care of her. I don't think anything upsets her more than when Kylie doesn't want to play with her.
4. She is getting the hang of the potty more. We are pretty set on number 1, now we have to get her to figure out the whole number 2 thing.
5. She usually wakes up one or more times at night. It makes me crazy but I don't know how to fix it. I think it goes back to her being a premie and never getting sleep trained properly (my fault) because the doctors told me to feed her whenever she woke up so she would grow.
6. She loves to make treats with me. I have to remind myself to let her help more because I tend to rush. But I love how proud she gets when she announces that she made cookies.
7. She loves to sing. Once she starts, it is hard to get her to stop. If she runs out of songs she knows, she will start making up new ones or combining other songs. I think its hilarious especially when she does it in the bathroom.
8. She still has a lot of attitude but she has been doing better. She still has an opinion about everything.
8. Some funny phrase: "Mommy, you little and Daddy big. Daddy have big shoulders." When she wanted to play with a toy Kylie had, "Mommy, put Kylie night night now. She tired." "Pleeeeease Mommy? I asked sooooo nice?!?" "You need to take a shower cause you are sooo dirty?"
Me: "Macy, do you need to go potty?"
Macy: "no, I'm okay."
"Mommy, you going to sew something for me with your fabric? (pronounced wrong)"

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. I love little Macy.

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Auntie Nancy said...

your tribute made me cry. I love your family. xoxo