Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Help Baby Mia

So I was reading my friend's blog today and she had a link for this little girl on hers to here.
I couldn't stop crying while I read the blog that one of their friends started for the family. I can't imagine the stress of having a baby who needs a heart transplant and then not even being able to hold that child. My heart really goes out for that family!
Anyway, I am always looking for an excuse to make something and I know many people are into banners now (like the one I made for Halloween) so I have decided to sell them to whoever wants one and then donate the profits to the family. I am going to make Thanksgiving and Christmas ones (or even birthday ones if someone requests) so let me know if you are interested. I am going to advertise on Craigslist but if anyone of you out there wants one, just let me know ( I will ship to people who email me if they don't mind paying a small amount for shipping). They will be $15 a piece and $10 for a single sided one.

I know how hard it was for me having Macy in the Hospital for over three weeks and we were blessed that nothing was wrong with her and we didn't have to pay a cent for that stay (thank-you double insurance coverage). I just want to help them so if you are interested at all, leave a comment or email me. If you aren't, just go to their blog and and give them a few bucks.
thanks!This is the back. Each flag is the same on back but this makes it nice to hang in a hallway or archway.
Each banner is 3 yards (nine feet). Please leave a comment with a way for me to contact you if you are interested! I also just had a request for one in certain college colors. These would be fun to have during football parties so that would be an option as well!

Unfortunately, with an average camera and average house, if is hard to get a good picture to show off how cute these turn out.


jayna said...

Nichole! Thanks so much!! Here is the email I sent out to my entire address book (unfortunately I didn't have yours)but this explains how I know them and how much they deserve a miracle!! Sorry it's going to be the longest comment EVER, but here you go:

"This is the first time I've ever done any sort of fund raising activity for someone, but then again this is the first time that anyone so close to my little world has NEEDED it.

I met a friend named John McDonald my freshman year of Ricks College. John and the rest of his apartment of guys quickly became my apartment of girls' BEST friends in the ward. Most of us have kept in touch for the past 8 years. John's cute wife, Mimi, was also in our ward back then and lived a few doors down from us. They dated forever...John was always hopelessly in love with Mimi... they got married a little before Tyler and I and now they make their home in Washington state.

We have enjoyed watching each others families grow...they have 3 children very close in age to our girls. When we welcomed Lila to our family, they welcomed their third baby as well just a few months after. Baby Mia joined their family and forever changed their world. She was born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect. She will never get to leave the hospital unless she receives a heart transplant. (What makes their story especially devastating is that Mimi endured 3 heart surgeries herself as a teenager for a faulty valve. They had NO idea this type of defect would be genetic.) The McDonalds have a little boy who is 5 and another little girl who is 3. John is a hard worker, and Mimi was a stay at home mom until Mia was born. Mimi now spends day in and day out sitting in a hospital room (a 1 hour drive away from her home) with their newborn that she hardly ever gets to hold or feed or comfort...just watch suffer. John has to go to work of course, so their 2 little kids get shuffled around and around and haven't had their Mom really home with them all this time- going on 4 months now. It's just INSANE for me to even think about.

And now they are struggling even more with the news that in order for their baby girl to be placed on the Nationwide donor list, they need to have $450,000 sitting in a bank account to cover the cost of the transplant. For a young family just starting out, this is an incredible amount, yet Mia's very life depends on it. Every day she is waiting for her new heart she is growing weaker and has less of a chance for a sucessful transplant. She needs one NOW, and if that means looking beyond Washington's borders, then this family has got to raise the funds immediately.

This is where you, my dear friends and family, come in. I am asking each and every one of you to visit this website: http://helpbabymia.blogspot.com/ to learn more about their story and to see little Mia and the rest of the McDonald family for yourselves. And then I'm asking you to PLEASE donate any amount you can to help their cause. Even just $1!!! (It's easy to do, it takes very little time, it's through a secure Paypal account that will go DIRECTLY to a fund set up 100% for Mia's surgery costs. Just follow the buttons on the website). And then forward their story on to as many people as you can think of.

Together we can really make a difference! If there's one thing I can't bear, it's feeling helpless. So along with all of my prayers, and from one mother to another, let's help get this family back home together where they belong!!

Thanks and love to all,

The Beals said...

Great idea nichole! Mimi and John are really great people, and I know they will totally appreciate the help. Ive been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to raise some serious money! Maybe ill make tutus and post them on craigslist.

Shawn and Lily said...
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Anonymous said...

Nichole, Thanks for alerting many to Mia's need for help. While I love your banners and tutus I just went to the website and sent money direct. You are a angel to help out!! I am saying my prayers for Mia and her family.

Diana and James said...

I would like to buy a banner, can you make it for my daughters room? We like Pink and Brown, but she also has some yellow and green in her room. Let me know if that is an issue... I would also like two tu tu's. What colors do you offer? Thanks. My email is morrow275@hotmail.com Diana

Kristy said...

Hi - I'm friends with Jennifer and Dane Creek - they had a link to your blog on their facebook site. I want to help with baby Mia - and I love the banners too! Can you do a BYU one? Also, I didn't see pictures of the tutus... email me at kristylloyd@hotmail.com. THanks, Kristy