Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And we're back!

Its obviously been a while since any posts, partially because we were gone for a month and I didn't feel like I had time to sit and blog, and partially because I haven't had a chance to think since we got home. Kylie and Macy have both had colds and Kylie decided that the whole sleeping through the night thing was very overrated. She now wakes up 4-5 times a night leaving me very irritable and sleep deprived the next day. So, as a result, I have been holding whining kids for the last week when all I really want is someone to hold me so I can sleep :). I definitely miss all of the extra help I had while we were "outside" (the Alaskan term for anywhere outside of Alaska). Here are some highlights of our month long trip:
-Macy says a lot of words and she usually only signs for emphasis. One day i was trying desperately to understand what she was trying to say when she looked at me and did a sign as if to say "I am saying 'bus.' How much clearer do I have to be???"
-Kylie can now roll over although her chunkiness often gets in the way and she gets stuck on her side.
-Macy not only slept on both planes rides but she fell asleep in her stroller three times. I was completely shocked that my child who will only sleep locked up in her room with no distractions, actually fell asleep at the mall. Maybe she is learning to be a more laid back child.
-Macy had her first Haircut. The ringlets in back were getting to be too mulletish so I had Heather fix it. Unfortunately, people then all thought that she was a boy.
-Several weeks later Macy then had her first ponytail on top of her head. She saw her cousin getting her hair done and pointed to her head and said "Tayla." So now she gets a ponytail like Tayla everyday and she loves being told how pretty it makes her.
-I am sure she lost weight because with everything going on Macy refused to eat for almost the entire month. I think she survived off of Froot Loops from G.G. and ice cream from grandpa. One night, in an effort to not go to bed, she ate all of Grandpa Rod's vegetables from his dinner. each time she would stop we told her it was time for bed and then she would ask for more. We let her get away with manipulating us because we were manipulating her right back in order to get her to eat some veggies.
-Thanks to Grandma Brenda, the girls both now have cute new wardrobes. Lots and lots of shopping went on on that trip. I also used up the rest of my birthday money and I should win some great prize because I had a very large amount of cute clothing for a limited amount of money. We have forever 21 and the Park city outlet mall to thanks for that one.
-Macy enjoyed her first great Easter Egg hunt and visit with the Easter Bunny. She was a natural at picking up the eggs and going for the candy. The picture with the pink dresses shows one of their multiple Easter dresses.
-The girls loved playing with all of their new friends including Ellie, Cody, Tayla, Owen and Bella. The day after she played with a friend she would walking around the house asking "Ellie go?"
-Ashley's wedding was a lot of fun. The girls were very cute in their Flower girl dresses And Macy learned about the world of chocolate by eating scores of red and white M&M's from the tables at each reception.
_Macys says Grandpa really well but she either signs Grandma or yells Mama. For a while she was calling both Grandma's "Mommy" which made for some nice confusion.

Well, I better shower while Kylie is asleep. I am sure I will think of more things about our trip alter that I will want to add. It was great seeing everyone that we did! We felt bad that we couldn't see more people or spend more time with friends while we were there. Between the wedding, receptions, trying to get our house ready and re-rented and Justin taking his final for his last college class, we were swamped. It was a great trip but definitely not a vacation!


Linley and Austin said...

Yeah, you're back! Your girls are getting so big! They are cuties! Im glad you got to get away for a while. I'm going home next week and I am looking forward to people being there to help with Kylie so I can do ANYTHING by myself :) Miss ya!

Brittany Iverson said...

Diggin' the pony tail! Everytime we talk to mom on the phone Owen asks for Nichole! It's cute.

The Cheese said...

Glad you're back safe, welcome back to the blogging world. :)