Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Animals

In order to survive a week with Justin away, we have to keep busy. Fortunately, Kara has invited the kids and me to several activities for the week. The first was yesterday's trip to the zoo with her 2 year old Bentley, twin 9 month olds and her two cousins with their little ones. It went surprisingly well. The three toddlers loved running all over the trails to see all of the animals. Of course Macy again favored the Moose, but she enjoyed most of the others as well. She also insisted on eating as many of the twin's Nilla Wafers as she could manage to shove in her mouth (Have I mentioned that she is finally eating and gaining weight?) and she stayed happy as long as she was eating some.

I am not sure what the kids found so interesting on the ground.

Finally, a Macy- Musk Ox picture.

And here is a picture of Macy and Bentley as the watched a pack of wolves "play" with their food- they didn't need to know they were fighting over a side of moose that had recently been thrown in. Macy would have been devastated.
Kylie was a little angel and slept in the stroller the entire time. Macy did very well to, She did get the scare of her life, however, when she ran up to a window that allowed us to see underwater. Right as she got there a sea otter popped its head up and swam around 4 inches from her face- she screamed in absolute horror. It was pretty amusing for the adults to see the kids get excited/ frightened by the animals. We never knew which reaction we would get.

And here is one last picture. Macy decided to bring my shoes out and line them up in the living room yesterday while I was getting us ready to go. I got a kick out of her love of shoes.

We had lots of fun! Thanks, Kara for inviting us!


Nate and Taryn said...

Oh Macy just cracks me up! I miss you guys! Good to hear she's eating and gaining, she and I will work on it together;)

Ashley and Jeremy said...

oh my gosh i love your family. i want to take macy to the zoo! i love the shoe picture, she has been infatuated with them since she could move it is soo funny i love it!

Lowders said...

I think she gets that shoe obsession from me or any other women in her life!