Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog Counter

Yesterday I decided to put a Counter on my blog. I was apprehensive at first and thought that it would only go to show me that I am the only one who ever reads what I write but today I was happy to see that it had gone up a fair amount from yesterday. I at least now know that someone somewhere out there is reading this. Lets just hope it isn't some random pervert stalking my family by reading my blog...Hmm, maybe I should make this a private page.

On another note, Macy has been saying "okay" a lot lately and I think it is really funny. I went to the store this morning and when I got back Justin told me that she had been sitting Kylie's dolls down on the floor and having a "conversation" with them which ended with an enthusiastic "okay!" She then put the babies into the booster chair so she could feed them. Apparently she had been asking the dolls if they wanted to eat lunch, and I guess they did.

Here is an adorable picture of my Kylie. I was particularly impressed with how she crossed her legs for the picture so that it would not be too scandalous to post. Seriously, how cute is she?

I would also like to take a minute to celebrate the end of the Hollywood Writer's strike and the beginning of new episodes of my favorite shows. I kicked of my celebration with a new episode of "Criminal Minds" last night. It was wonderful in every sense of the word. It allows me to live out what my life would have been had I not chosen to be a mother. There are many many professions I would have loved to have gone into (including but not limited to a doctor, a lawyer, an actress for local theater- not many people know about that one, a therapist and so on) but the one that definately tops my list would be working as an FBI profiler. Justin think I am deranged for enjoying the "Silence of the Lambs" books and movies so much but I just want to be Clarice and work with real psychotic serial killers. If you share this interest I highly recommend the book My Life Among the Serial Killers by Helen Morrison. Its gloriously creepy.
Anyway, I am very eagerly anticipating the return of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, House and The Office. They complete me :)

One last thought before I get Macy out of her crib; what is it with toy manufacturers that they don't put on/off switches or volume buttons on noisy toys? I finally took the batteries out of Macy's car because every time Kylie would fall asleep Macy was drive on by, blasting the horn and blaring the music. It's similar to this one here. I think I will giver her the batteries back once Kylie and I are both sleeping again at night. Until then, I need to make the most of naptime.

And here is a cute picture of Macy and Ellie playing in some buckets at Grandma and Grandpa Smiths. Hope it makes you smile!

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Ashley and Jeremy said...

i iwsh you lived here! i love your cute family!