Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us (yesterday)

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary, hurray for us! I got Justin a picture of an old WWII plane flying over the Aleutian Islands by this Alaskan artist that he really likes. James Morris, the artist, does a lot of Alaskan type aviation pictures. The military commissions him to do these as presents and awards for people who are retiring or returning from deployment. I got one of the last few copies of this one, which I thought was pretty cool. He is working on a C-46 (Justin's new plane) picture for Everts right now and when that comes out we will have to get one for Justin.
Justin surprised me with Various Kitchen items that I had been wanting for a while (meat thermometer, souffle dishes, spatulas...) and some roses. Yeah, he rocks my world. :)
Last night Carmin came to brave my cold inflicted children and watched both of them (by herself) while we went out to eat. I was nervous because Macy had been very crabby all day and Kylie is super clingy to me but Carmin never ceases to amaze me. When we returned home, both kids were in pajamas, ready for bed and happy as can be. We really appreciated her help so we could have a real date. Now about that date...
Kara had recommended Simon & Seafort for dinner which is this very nice downtown restaurant that overlooks the Cook Inlet. She also provided us with a $20 gift card that she had received in the mail and swore she wouldn't use. This allowed the extremely pricey menu to become just moderately expensive so we decided to give it a try. It was a very beautiful environment and I loved that we could easily see the ocean from our table and that they had decorated out table with rose petals for our special occasion. We splurged and Justin ordered a Cesar Salad and I got a great Creamy Tomato Basil soup to start. Justin then got a pretty large and very tasty Prime Rib and I ordered a Petite Sirloin. What should have been a medium well stake was actually more of a burnt jerky flavored hockey puck. The server quickly took it back and brought me a replacement. This one was still not medium well by any means but it was delicious anyway and totally melted in my mouth. The server noticed that it was still overcooked (although I really didn't mind because it was wonderful) and she took it off of our bill. Sweet. We decided to order desert because my $30 steak didn't cost us anything and Justin let me pick a chocolate cake that made me want to cry with joy. He is such a great husband to let me indulge my chocolate love when he would have much preferred something light and fruity (but not because he is- he's tough and manly :) hee hee). When we got the bill they hadn't charged us for the desert either so we only had to pay for the soup, salad and Justin's prime rib. We felt kind of bad because it was still so delicious but the server assured us it wasn't a problem. So after our gift card the credit card slip read a whopping $24. We both laughed because we were stunned that what would have been close to a $100 meal only ran us 44 after tip. We totally scored last night and it was awesome.
I dropped Justin off at the airport last night at 1 (it was supposed to be 12:30 but we didn't wake up to his alarm, oops) so he could go to Utah for graduation. We look forward to seeing him when he gets back!
And here is Macy in her new sunglasses posing like a little supermodel. She actually prefers to where them up on her head like her mother does. She's a sweetheart!


Kerry said...

Happy 4th! They said it wouldn't last past 2 months!(just kidding) Congrats to Justin for becoming a college grad.

Rebecca said...

I am sooo glad you got some posts on here yea I checked and checked and checked and then I was gone for a long time I almost gave up but you pleased me today. Your girls are too cute and so are you and Justin. Happy Anniversary.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

so many things to say i don't know where to begin....i guess with the obvious- macy is a freaking doll haha i love her sunglasses picture, so much attitude as usual.
2nd- aw happy anniversary! i want a 100$ dinner for 40 bucks! but i guess ya'll deserve it maybe a little bit more. oh and yay! justin! i would give my right arm to be a college grad right now! so happy for you and your lil' family!

Amanda said...

I totally forgot that we have the same anniversary!! I am glad you guys got a night out together away from the girls. Happy Anniversary!