Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anniversary part 2

I also wanted to write an "Ode to My Husband" for our anniversary because he is wonderful and people should know what a great husband he is. Here are some examples:

1. He is always the one to clean the toilets and I never have to ask him to. He just does it. I don't think I have cleaned a toilet in years. Isn't that great?
2. He is happy as can be to sit or lay on the ground and let the girls climb and crawl all over him. I personally do not like to be climbed on but he could do it for hours.
3. He is always quick to tell me that I am hot or that I look nice or pretty, etc. I think he uses the term "hot" the most and it makes me smile because he always says it with such enthusiasm and a very big grin.
4. He always takes out the diaper genie as soon as it is full. He takes out the other trash too and never needs to be asked to do so.
5. When he is home and not needing to sleep for an early flight, he usually puts Macy to bed. It is so nice for me to get a break from that when he is around, I really appreciate it. He usually comes out once she is down with stories of cute things she did or said. He is quite smitten with his girls.
6. He never "expects" things from me and understands that things come up with the kids that might interfere with things like cleaning, laundry and cooking. He always appreciates when I get those things accomplished but he never makes me feel like I have failed as a wife or mother if I couldn't get to them.
7. He also always eats what I give him and he never complains. Even if I overcook or mess something up, he finds a way to choke it down and be grateful for it.
8. He really likes to go out and do activities with the family. He likes for us all to go on walks or to some event and he doesn't make the rest of us feel like we are just tagging along. It is an activity for all of us.
9. He is very patient with me and my out-of-shapeness. He encourages me to work up to being more in shape so I will be able to go on bigger hikes with him. He is always positive when we do exercise and I feel bad about myself because I am huffing and puffing after 2 minutes. He knows how to make me feel better about myself when I get down about my shortcomings.
10. He is always willing to apologize when we have a disagreement. While I am often working myself up to say I am sorry he usually comes and does it first.
11. He is very responsible around the house and takes care of things that need to be done. He keeps up the car and other maintenance items. All winter he would go and shovel a path to our car so the kids and I wouldn't have to walk through a foot of snow anytime we wanted to go somewhere.
12. It shocks me how extraordinarily silly and can be with the girls and how long he can keep it up. Sometimes he will start playing with Macy and she will want him to keep doing what he is doing for an eternity and he will often do it until she wares out.
13. He is very responsible with his church calling. He goes to his meetings and makes visits without complaining even though I know there are lots of things he would rather be doing.
14. He will often finish cooking dinner when I get interrupted with diapers or baby feedings he just asks what to do and picks up where I left off. He never complains about this.
15. When Macy has run me ragged and I don't want to deal with her anymore or I am too tired to care if she misbehaves, he will come home and take over with time outs or playing with her to distract her. I love him to the moon and back when he does this.
16. Sometimes he will sing to and dance with me just because he wants me close and wants to have fun. I usually roll my eyes because I am often trying to clean or take care of something at the time but I really love it.

I could go on all day but I should probably clean the house up. I have a fantastic husband! I love you Justin! (although it will probably be a month before you look at the blog again)


Savannah said...

Wow...this is one of the cutest posts ever. Thank you for putting this out here because it helps me remember all of the things that my husband does for me :)

I hope that Alaska is treating you well Nichole. I do read your blogs on a regular basis so keep us posted on life whenever you get time. Have a good weekend :)

Ashley and Jeremy said...

oh how precius i want one too! oh wait- i got one now we can start a "we love our husbands club!"

Ashley and Jeremy said...

that said precious.

Justin said...

I love you too sweetheart. Thanks for being so creative in ways to love me. I love you so much that I think I'll even start helping you with the spelling on your blog!LOL It's a good thing that one of the reasons you love me is because I have so much fun teasing you. Love you lots and can't wait to see you. Thanks for always being so supportive.

Anonymous said...

Nichole, what a wonderful "Ode" and what a wonderful couple you and Justin are! I can tell that you two have a fun and strong marriage. Happy belated anniversary from Auntie Nancy and Uncle Forrest