Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favorite things

There are many things in my life that bring me large amounts of joy. Some of these things are when my girls laugh and smile, when Justin is sweet and romantic, nice clean sheets on the bed, a brand new outfit, a sunny day, chocolate truffles and gourmet food. Recently I have a new love and this love provides me with sooo much happiness. Let me introduce to those of you who have not yet discovered the fabulousness that is the movie


I realize that most people out there who have not been living under a rock, like I do, have long ago experienced this movie. I, however, only saw it for the first time while I was visiting my family. Since then I have been dying to see it again and yesterday my cousin Randy brought me his copy to borrow. We watched it last night and I have had it on on the background while I clean the house this morning since I don't have the soundtrack but I want to hear all of the music again. If anyone has not yet seen this movie, you must do it right away. I would hate for you to live life any longer without experiencing this

I told Justin that if I could sing like these performers, I would never stop. He told me that he would divorce me is I sang non-stop. Fair enough, I guess life has trade-offs. :) Anyway, there is my plug.


Ashley and Jeremy said...

i'm so sad i didnt realize you never got to see this movie until recently, i too am in love with it, and chelsea has every single word memorized. i dont know how she does it.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

i found out last night that the provo theater had a hairspray sing along a few weeks after it came out. thats right a sing-a-long. with the bouncy ball adn people in thester singing. i was so jealous i missed it

Rebecca said...

Oh Nichole where have you been. This movie is my most faaavoritest ever. I have ever word to every song memorized. So does Ella we do kareoke to it. Get your butt back to Utah so we can watch this together.