Monday, July 7, 2008

We're back

It took several attempts and many phone calls to Frontier Airlines but we eventually made it home. It had been a frustrating endeavor to try to make it back up here because all of the flights were filled to capacity and I was beginning to worry that Justin was going to have to come home without us so he could make it to work. We flew out of Salt Lake on Thursday after getting turned away for the earlier flight. We got out several hours later but couldn't make our connecting flight to Anchorage so we rented a car and drove to Colorado Springs to see Justin's sisters, Stephanie and Charice. They were nice enough to let us stay with them on such short notice and they were very encouraging in trying to get us to stay longer. I really wanted to but we were very stressed about the prospect of not ever making it home and me having to travel with the kids alone so we figured we ought to try the first flight we could. By some crazy miracle we got on a flight with only 6 open seats and 19 stand by people listed ahead of us. I was completely shocked when they called our names.
Macy did pretty well on the plane, with only a few little fits when the fasten seat belt sign stayed on for the first hour of the flight. Kylie was pretty good too. After a brief nap she was wired and her and Macy had a WWF brawl on the seat between us for a good half of the flight.

Thanks to everyone who let us totally disrupt their lives so we could stay with them over the last month! We really had fun seeing so many friends and family and we appreciate all of the help we were given. Justin is already trying to plan trips back to Utah and Colorado so don't be surprised if he shows up at your door.

Justin FINALLY gets to start his flight training tomorrow and I am so excited for him. Tomorrow he leaves for Kenai for up to a week, depending on how quickly he learns how to fly the plane. If he gets back in time he will head out the next week to go fishing with my cousin Rebecca's husband, Brad, on his big commercial fishing boat. And, in case you are wondering, Justin and I are not splitting up, we just never see each other any more. Sad for me but at least we are both having a lot of fun in the meantime. (I do miss him like crazy when he is gone though!)

Now for journaling purposes:
Kylie has gotten to be so cute and fun the last week or two. She now plays peekaboo, patty cake, waves and shows us that she is "So Big! by raising her arms into the air. I love when they get to the age where they start playing with people. She has also become a lot less timid. She let a strange lady hold her on the plane and she played peekaboo with the flight attendant while we waited to get off.


Kerry said...

Okay, I'll buy some of the halibut from you if there is any extra!

Suzie Young said...

Hey cousin! I totally hear you on the stress of standby travel...I can't imagine doing it with two babies, you are so brave.
I want to see your cute little family next time your in the neighborhood.