Sunday, July 13, 2008


Macy's vocabulary has exploded lately and I find some of her phrases and exclamations very amusing, especially when they are coupled with her limited pronunciation abilities. Here is a sampling (thanks Jayna for the idea):
Hantizer"- Hand Sanitizer: as in Macy gets hand santizer instead of me holding her while she washes her hands for the umpteenth time after she attempts to go potty yet again, with no success.
Mimi may meh"- Macy made a mess. Can also me "Mommy may meh" or "Kylie may meh"
Elmo"- Can mean Elmo or Nemo. It entirely depends on the context and there is absolutely no difference in how she pronounces it.
Ice cycle"- Can be Bicycle, Tricycle or Motorcycle.
Kylie Get"- As in Kylie will get it so we better pick it up. Nothing is ever put away or cleaned anymore for the sake of cleaning up a mess. According to Macy, it is so Kylie won't get it.

Some other fun phrases of hers are: "Little green Car"- our Honda, "Big Blue Truck," "Ella Mama and Papa"- these are Ellie's grandparents who stopped by to visit us a few days ago while they are RVing through Alaska. She has talked about them non stop since then. "Big Suprise"- what she gets after going Poopoo on the potty, "Daddy Sad"- what she says with a forlorn look as she shakes her head several minutes after being reprimanded for being rude to Daddy.

And a brief update on the potty training: Macy just yelled "Wet Now!" from her bed and I rushed her to the potty in time for her to go #1 and 2. The expression on her face when she goes and knows she did something good is priceless. Hopefully she will settle down now and finally go to sleep after just 1 1/2 hours of trying.


Brittany Iverson said...

My favorite is Macy Made a Mess. I need to hear her talk. It sounds cute.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

what kid asks for hand sanitizer, lol she's definitely YOUR daughter