Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stir Crazy

What was supposed to be a 2 day trip for Justin to finish his training on the C-46 has turned into him staying in Kenai for the entire week so he could fly there even after he had his check ride. Bummer for me but cool for him because they haven't been flying much due to bad weather so they have gone fishing every evening. I think that was awfully nice of his work to give him an all expense (almost) paid fishing trip to Kenai, Alaska for the entire week. I am more than a little envious of my husband who gets to run off and fly and play all week while I am stuck here with the clouds and rain (apparently this is turning out to be the coldest and wettest summer on record) with Macy who, to put it nicely, has been very naughty this week. To put it not so nicely, I almost gave her away at the library today after she threw an unprovoked tantrum during Story Time. It's been a very long week. Overall she has been doing extremely well with potty training, until she gets in a naughty mood and gives me this look that says "you may be my mother but you can't tell me what to do" and then wets her pants in defiance. Have I mentioned it has been a long week?

However, there have been some positives:
1) On the way home from Fairbanks Justin spotted a Black Bear in a meadow. Kylie waited in her car seat, very patiently, while the rest of us got out to watch it. It was our first "non-zoo" bear we have seen since our arrival.
2) Kylie now signs "eat," "more" and "all done." She loves to wave at people or whenever she hears the words "Bye bye" or "hello." She is also getting pretty good at standing on her own.
3) The other night Macy said "Mommy! Come here!" followed by "Sit there!" as she pointed to the floor. After I sat down she got out her play comb and mirror and told me "Me comb mommy hair, mommy pretty." She then proceeded to comb my hair and show me myself in her mirror time and time again, constantly telling me how pretty I looked. I had thought that games of beauty parlor were years away.
4) Last night I told Macy (who had been horrible lately about going to bed) to go pick out a book for me to read to her before she were to go to bed. She ran off and I got distracted for a minute and then started looking for her all over. I found her in the most unlikely place, her bed. When I walked in she was sitting there with five books spread around her and when she saw me she very calmly said "Read please. Bed." I found it entertaining.
5) Kylie has been very sweet lately. Whenever I am sit on the ground she will crawl up to me and either rest her head on my leg or pull herself standing next to me and put her head down on my chest. She is such a little mama's girl but at least she likes other people now too.


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

oh your girls! I love how sweet and sassy they can be! It seems like they are growing up SO FAST. Macy sounds like a 4 year old already! And Kylie - well soon we will miss her chubby baby body and find yet another defiant, peeing, hillarious, smart toddler in her place!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

I have more mixed feelings then i know what to do wtih at first i read your blog laughing to myself thinking how grateful i am to not have children yet and able to jsut spend time with my husband, but by the end i was nearly in tears because i want a little girl adn i want her NOW! Thank you for making my life so difficult :)