Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo shoot

In a perfect world my children would go to get their pictures taken and smile and be sweet little angels. In reality, Macy threw multiple tantrums for no apparent reason (we were even bribing her with chocolate, which she rejected) and Kylie was terrified of the photogs. It didn't help matters that Macy pushed Kylie over, resulting in a giant goose egg on the little one's forehead and severe emotional trauma for the remainder of her pictures. Here are some of our favorite shots :

I love how terrified of the flower Kylie is in that one. I was very disappointed that I couldn't get better ones of the girls in their pink dresses because they were so adorable (but whiny) in them. Macy loved dressing up so we got some fun ones with the hat and boa. Justin's Grandma ("G. G.") Sewed the pink and blue skirts and we thought they were pretty great. The one with both of them together was taken seconds before Macy pushed Kylie away resulting in many tears and her big bump. We ordered some different ones because with some cropping and adjustment they turned out well but it didn't work to get them on here.

We head home tomorrow (hopefully) so we can get out of this crazy heat and back to enjoying Alaska in the summer.


Aunit Nancy said...

Nichole, all your hard work paid off! The pictures are precious. Macy has such an infecious smile and the picture of her with the boa is too adorable! All of us moms have great photo shoot stories but the head bump beats mine! Thanks for posting all that you post.

Rebecca said...

soooo cute! Your girls both have the prettiest little faces.
My sister-in-law is in Mexico so she couldn't exactlty get anything to you. but make sure you tell My nephew hello and we love him.

Amanda said...

TOO CUTE!!! I love the bright pink dresses!!!

HunnyHull said...

Oh, I can't handle that sad face. It is so cute. Te pictures turned out so nice. I love them!