Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day Camping

While I was at the hospital with Kylie, Randy called and invited us to come up to Eklutna Lake because his family was going to be camping there for a few days. It was only 45 minutes away so we decided to head up. We really enjoyed being up the the mountains and out away from the city. About an hour before we had gotten there a black bear walked through the camp while Randy was changing his clothes. ( I love the image of Randy standing there in his underwear, reaching for his camera, hoping no one walks by and sees him) I would have liked to have seen it but it probably would have scared me to death, even though we know they are there watching us and waiting for us to leave. We went on a walk later and when we got back the bear had slashed a few boxes, gotten the garbage, thrown out the diaper that was in there and then taken the rest away.
We had a really fun time going on walks, skipping rocks in the lake, eating s'mores and playing. Macy was in heaven running around like a crazy girl. She definately seems to be in her element when we take he out to play.
*Warning, this next section may contain TMI about Macy's potty training so proceed with caution, However, it was hilarious.
Justin tried taken Macy to the bathroom in the outhouse but as soon as she walked in she turned and ran out saying she didn't have to go. When he got back to the camp she old him that she had to go again so he decided she would learn to pee in the woods- and learn she did. She was so thrilled to have done it the first time that she then went about 15 more times the entire day we were there. We went on a 3 mile walk and on the way back she had to go about every five mi
nutes. The hilarious part is that she actually went every time (apparently she had had way too much to drink) and she was so proud of herself. She would clap and say "Yay! Macy pee on grass!" or ""Yay! Macy pee on rocks!" I ran out of wipes because I hadn't planned for my daughter to pee like a pregnant lady so I started using leaves and when ever I would she would exclaim "Ooo! Soft!" Randy said this didn't speak well for the quality of toilet paper we must keep at our house. :)
She was pretty entertaining on this trip and we had a very fun day.


Rebecca said...

that picture of Justin hanging from a tree is great!! What a fun dad. Looks like you had fun.

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

how is macy so hillarious???? its so unreal to read about your alaskan adventures - 10 years ago i never would have guessed! You really are the most adventurous friend i have!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

when are you coming back to me again?

Michelle Andrade said...

How cute is Macy! Gotta love so much personality in such a little person!