Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kylie Bug Turns ONE!!!

Although Kylie's birthday is tomorrow, we had a little party for her today. My friend Carmin was nice enough to come over last night and this morning to help teach me about cake decorating so we could make these cakes. It think they turned out pretty dang cute, how about you?

Kylie enjoyed opening her fun presents- whenever Macy would allow her to touch them. And she also loved eating her cake. Macy was a bit timid to dive into her first birthday cake, but not Kylie. She was in pure heaven. I will have to put the video up some time because she was such a doll. She knew she was being funny so she kept playing it up. She regularly would look up and grin to then face plant into the top of the cake and suck on the frosting. I definately believe that every one year old
needs a three tier birthday cake. Thanks to Kara for the idea and for letting me borrow her pans!!!

This last picture of her so great with her looking stuffed and gloriously glutenous. She is quite the little sweetheart and we are so happy she is in our lives!

And serious props to Macy for being s good girl through all of this. Mostly. It was so hard for her to have to wait since yesterday to eat this cake, although she had more than enough frosting to make up for it. She also helped me wrap the presents when she just wanted to play with the toys so badly.


Auntie Nancy & Uncle Forrest said...

Happy Happy Birthday to adorable Kylie!xoxo. Nichole you are the BEST BEST mom. The cakes look marvelous!! and I love the pictures of Kylie enjoying it. Our love to you all

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

She cant be ONE???? Oh my heck. I seriously love the butterball picture at the end after she has eaten her cake! I love that you just set her down and let her have at it! Youre such a cute mom, i might have to copy your 3 tiered cake idea! (but only if you teach me how you made that adorable fondant bow!)

Sonda said...

The cakes turned out great! Happy Birthday Kylie!

Wade & Melis said...

Cute girl! Happy Birthday Kylie! I also can't believe she's one! And I am VERY impressed with the cakes. Way to go!