Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surgery Day for Kylie

Thursday morning I got up at the crack of dawn (which is especially early in Anchorage) and took Kylie to the hospital to get her plugged tear duct fixed. Although the procedure is not really a big deal I was a bit anxious just because I wasn't thrilled about my 11 month old "going under" for such a little thing. This simple procedure was supposed to be a quick in and out thing but it ended up taking much longer because the doctors were running behind and there also seems to be some funky stuff going on with the inside of Kylie's nose. They were only supposed to have her for about 30 minutes and when I checked and it had been 45 I was starting to worry. The doctor came out soon and said it went well but that it never would have cleared up on its own because of how her tear duct was shaped so I guess it is good that we had it taken care of. As the nurse took me back to her she told me that Kylie was awake and angry. I felt bad because I had wanted to be there when she woke up but apparently she awakened quickly and with her being hungry and feeling out of sorts she was not a happy camper. When I got to her the nurse was giving her a bottle to calm her down but when that ran out she became very upset again. She looked terrible because she was crying bloody tears and had a little blood draining out her nose along with purple marker on her forehead where the doctor had written on her. My poor screaming girl was such a pitiful sight to see. When she wouldn't calm down they gave her some Fentanyl which knocked her out. We cuddled while she slept for a while and when she woke up the next time she was her regular happy self. She now has a small silicone tube running through both tear ducts and down out her nose and over the bridge of her nose between her eyes. It doesn't bother her but she looks a little silly and will have to keep it in for the next 4 weeks. Apparently this is the best way to take care of this problem so we won't risk it re-clogging and then when it is time to take it out we just snip between her eyes and pull it out her nose. Sound a little
gross but its much better than putting her back under to get it out later.

This picture was taken later in the day and you can't really see the tube. I will put a close up on here later. I am glad my little sweetheart is happy and healthy now!


Brittany Iverson said...

That was the saddest thing I have ever heard! Poor baby! And poor Mommy. That must have been awful!

I hope every one feels better soon.

Auntie Nancy said...

So glad that it is over and that it was successful! Sounds like Kylie is quite a champ and so is her mom.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

Dont worry, here i am sitting at my desk, tears practically flooding my face. thanks a lot.

ok but really, i'm so sorry! and glad to hear she's much happier now, poor girl