Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kylie Close up

Here is the promised picture of Kylie. Her tube thing isn't too bad but it is definately noticeable. I haven't gone out much so I have had only a few "What is wrong with her face???" questions.

She is getting so big and becoming a little girl. She now signs eat, drink, more and all done. She has figured out how to fold her arms when we pray and she loves to climb up on all of the boxes and clutter we currently have around our house. Sometime I swear she is saying "Mama," but that could just be wishful thinking. ;)

I guess I hadn't really told many people that we were moving. We decided that Justin and I had been spoiled by getting into a townhouse when we were first married. That whole apartment thing was not working out for us, even though it was just a fourplex. We were tired of late night parties above us, wild children who threw balls around our cars kitty corner from us and drunk naked native ladies break car windows at 4 a.m. next door. Yes, we had fun times on O'Brien St. with the moose and heavily wooded area but we have moved on to a side by side duplex with just a single lady next door. We have a large yard to ourselves, more storage space, forced air and we live in a much nicer neighborhood (not a trailer park within walking distance). we are only two miles from the airport and we also live very close to the coastal trail. We walked with the kids over their yesterday and then walked along the coast for a little ways. This is such a beautiful part of town and I love being so close to the ocean. This house is much older and not as well taken care of but it feels much more like a home and we are glad to have moved here.

And that blog that I had mentioned is somewhat up and running although it still needs a lot of time and attention to be made into much. Feel free to post what you want as a comment and to "read along" with the book club.


Lowders said...

Poor baby, that looks annoying. What a sweetheart!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Oh sweet Kylie! I apparently missed the blog about why she needed the tubes put in, so I just played catch up and read through a bunch of your old posts! Congrats on the new house, it sounds perfect! Any chance you will be coming to boise any time soon? ps - I lOVE life of pi...and I too could NOT get into twilight. I say boo to stupid teenage vampire love!